[11u] Apple Silicon and 8257852: Remove JNF dependencies from java.desktop module

Vladimir Kempik vkempik at azul.com
Thu Apr 15 10:29:45 UTC 2021

I’m in a process of preparing the backports, 7/8 done already
I have sent one of prerequestes out for review already today.
Regards, Vladimir
> 15 апр. 2021 г., в 13:19, Doerr, Martin <martin.doerr at sap.com> написал(а):
> Hi,
> JDK-8257852 removed JNF usage in JDK17. It consists of 8 individual changes and a bunch of follow-up fixes.
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8257852
> It is already backported to 15, 13 and 11.0.12-oracle, but not to OpenJDK 11u.
> I believe this change is a preparation for MacOS on Apple Silicon which doesn't support JNF with MacOS BigSur.
> We are currently not planning to backport it to 11u. Does anybody need it and is willing to take care of the backport work?
> Best regards,
> Martin

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