RFR: 8265750: Fatal error in safepoint.cpp after backport of 8258414

Severin Gehwolf sgehwolf at redhat.com
Mon Apr 26 13:51:08 UTC 2021

Hi Jaroslav,

On Fri, 2021-04-23 at 18:57 +0200, Jaroslav Bachorík wrote:
> This 11u only problem. In 16 and 17 this crash is not happening. The
> bug has 'Affects Version/s' set to 11 - is there anything else that
> should be set there?

No, not any more. Thanks!

The <jdk-version>-na labels are a good way to indicate a version
specific bug. Also setting the Fix Version to the specific JDK version
this is intended to be fixed first. Finally, explaining in the bug
description that it's a 11-only bug is helpful too. 'Affects Version/s'
isn't usually a complete list and I take it with a grain of salt. In
this case, I understood it as: "Reproducible on JDK 11. JDK 17 hasn't
been looked at in terms of applicability"



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