Backporting changeset from 7 to 6 for bugfix

Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Thu Jun 10 05:05:28 PDT 2010

On 10 June 2010 02:02, Joe Darcy <joe.darcy at> wrote:
> Andrew Su wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This is the link[1] to the changeset which fixes the bug which renders a
>> circle that has a side clipped.
>> Requesting permission to backport this fix.
>> [1]
>> -Andrew
> Hello Andrew.
> I approve this fix being applied to OpenJDK 6 b20 *as long as* the file
> test/sun/pisces/ is added initially with an Oracle copyright
> rather than a Sun one; in other words, use this version of the test file:


> FYI, here are some other fixes from JDK 7 that might be applicable and
> worthwhile to include in OpenJDK 6:
> 6697721 OpenJDK: rotated text baseline different between TextLayout and
> drawString

This patch updates a testcase introduced in:

6683472: Incorrect handling of translation component of font transform.

and further updated by:

6687298: Reg testcase java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/
fails on windows

Ok to backport these as well?

> 6587560 OpenJDK problem handling bitmaps returned when LCD text is
> requested.
>   (may want to pull over any other subsequent fixes involving
> src/share/native/sun/font/freetypeScaler.c too,

I've brought over:

6703377: freetype: glyph vector outline is not translated correctly
6587560: OpenJDK problem handling bitmaps returned when LCD text is requested
6887292: memory leak in freetypeScaler.c

The others have already been backported.

>    but the changeset for 6307603: "[X11] Use RENDER extension for complex
> operations done in software"
>   should be considered separately.)

I was going to ask about this.  I think it should wait until b21.
It's not even in the jdk7 forest yet, and needs time to soak there
An older version has been in IcedTea for years, so we'll update that
and get some testing there before including it in OpenJDK6 upstream.

> 6829678 StrokeShapeTest: createStrokedShape() behaves differently


> 6829673 ThinLineTest: A line < 1 pixel disappears.


> 6793344 BasicStroke's first element dash pattern is not a dash


There are some Nimbus bugfixes we should bring over:

changeset:   2337:042eb92f89ad
user:        peterz
date:        Thu May 06 12:57:30 2010 +0400
summary:     6919629: Nimbus L&F Nimbus.Overrides option leaks
significant amounts of memory

changeset:   2214:325823a26aac
user:        peterz
date:        Thu Mar 18 12:02:12 2010 +0300
summary:     6932524: NIMBUS: 3 constructors of JSplitPane creates new
jsp with continuous layout - they should not.

changeset:   2212:1224c1388e86
user:        rupashka
date:        Wed Mar 17 12:48:21 2010 +0300
summary:     6933784: NIMBUS: ImageView getNoImageIcon and
getLoadingImageIcon returns nulls instead of an icon

changeset:   2140:fffd21bc5657
user:        peterz
date:        Fri Dec 25 17:47:08 2009 +0300
summary:     6860438: [Nimbus] Code to globally set slider's thumb
background doesn't work as specified

changeset:   2139:e2f7e92c30f1
user:        peterz
date:        Mon Dec 21 19:26:58 2009 +0300
summary:     6860433: [Nimbus] Code to set a single slider's thumb
background doesn't work as specified

and some timezone data updates:

changeset:   2296:2571720800a6
user:        peytoia
date:        Tue Apr 20 15:01:31 2010 +0900
summary:     6945238: (tz) Support tzdata2010i

changeset:   2216:f799c62ad4f8
user:        peytoia
date:        Tue Mar 30 18:35:47 2010 +0900
summary:     6939021: (tz) Support tzdata2010g

changeset:   2209:0e0ce1aa1bba
user:        peytoia
date:        Thu Mar 11 11:54:17 2010 +0900
summary:     6933032: (tz) Support tzdata2010e

changeset:   2208:0137b5857c63
parent:      2183:90248595ec35
user:        okutsu
date:        Wed Mar 10 14:32:47 2010 +0900
summary:     6932473: (tz) javazic produces incorrect SimpleTimeZone
parameters with Sun<=7

Do these look ok?

> -Joe

Andrew :-)

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