jdk7 bugs not marked as integrated

Xiomara Jayasena Xiomara.Jayasena at Sun.COM
Mon May 11 10:53:04 PDT 2009


Please note, gatekeepers should mark their bugs as integrated after a 
push to the jdk 7 master repos.

Below are bugs that Ingrid pointed out, that have not been marked as 
integrated -- please fix them.

Changeset     Bug ID     Synopsys
b056c42ea5b4     6837214     Update JDK7 man pages
a33222e53611     6753173     No need to read all the TrueType 'post' 
table to get underline info
e61d93fc8ed1     6818072     Load Ductus using Class.forName if exist 
instead of using the service loader
d609ae2faac2     6827989     Use Unsafe.copyMemory for array->Unsafe 
copy operations in RenderBuffer
c3aaa11e4eb6     6821495     
test/java/awt/print/PrinterJob/PrtException.java fails
53ca5822bdfe     6829678     StrokeShapeTest: createStrokedShape() 
behaves differently


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