M3 stabilization requests for 2009/4/30

Mark Reinhold mr at sun.com
Thu Apr 30 14:43:37 PDT 2009

Today we have:

  6762511  anthony.petrov   Translucency is not working on Linux using

  6794764  artem.ananiev    Translucent windows are completely repainted
                            on every paint event, on Windows

  6812298  anthony.petrov   Dynamic GraphicsConfig changes don't work on
                            X11 platforms

These first three are nontrivial changes, and none seems critical for M3.
Phil, Vita -- what say you?

  6834177  vladimir.kozlov  Running jsynprog on Solaris Nevada can cause
                            JVM crash

VM crash on 64-bit sparc.  The fix isn't trivial but it's smaller than
it looks, and VM crashes are bad.  I'm leaning toward accepting it.
Paul? Vita?

  6834246  alan.bateman     (ch) AsynchronousSocketChannel#write
                            completes with wrong number of bytes written
                            under load (win)

Not critical for M3 but the fix is limited to the Windows asynchronous
socket-channel code, so if it's wrong then that's the only thing that
would break.  I'd say "yes" to this one.

- Mark

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