M3 stabilization requests for 2009/4/30

Vita Santrucek vita.santrucek at sun.com
Thu Apr 30 15:22:21 PDT 2009

->  6762511  anthony.petrov   Translucency is not working on Linux using
->                            Metacity

Already present in 6u14 for the past 4 weeks, no regressions found so far. 
I'd be OK to let this one in

->  6794764  artem.ananiev    Translucent windows are completely repainted
->                            on every paint event, on Windows

Webrev's not there, but doesn't sound like simple fix. I'd prefer to get 
this in one in M4.

->  6812298  anthony.petrov   Dynamic GraphicsConfig changes don't work on
->                            X11 platforms

Phil, if you consider this one super safe and unlikely to cause 
regressions I'd take it in, Marina is the Linux/OpenSolaris release and 
these bugs seem to significantly impact these platforms.

If we could get it in b58 it would be better.

->These first three are nontrivial changes, and none seems critical for M3.
->Phil, Vita -- what say you?
->  6834177  vladimir.kozlov  Running jsynprog on Solaris Nevada can cause
->                            JVM crash

Agreed, we'll have the initial OpenSolaris release on Sparc in early June. 
I rather makes me wonder if we wouldn't want this fix in 6u14 also.

->VM crash on 64-bit sparc.  The fix isn't trivial but it's smaller than
->it looks, and VM crashes are bad.  I'm leaning toward accepting it.
->Paul? Vita?
->  6834246  alan.bateman     (ch) AsynchronousSocketChannel#write
->                            completes with wrong number of bytes written
->                            under load (win)
->Not critical for M3 but the fix is limited to the Windows asynchronous
->socket-channel code, so if it's wrong then that's the only thing that
->would break.  I'd say "yes" to this one.



->- Mark

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