Approval request for JAXP update in JDK7 M5

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 30 15:49:17 PDT 2009

According to at

> JAXP update in JDK7 M5. There were many performance 
> improvement back in JDK6u18 and Intel has been asking about it's 
> integration into JDK7. Since the JAXP source bundle contains everything 
> by 10/13/09, we'll be able to tell them that it's done (that is, the 
> performance improvement is in JDK7) as long as the current integration 
> is completed.

James Melvin wrote:
> "This" is the forward port of the XML performance work. (6u14p->JDK7)
> Intel is very interested and asks about this every week.
> - Jim

This request is for the following changeset to be included in M5:

  The update is to use a newer jaxp source bundle from upstream:

As Joe Wang mentions (see above), these changes are already in JDK6u18.
That should make the risk level low.

If we do nothing, this change is already in the TL forest, which means
by default it would go into M6 (probably b77).

Joe Wang and Jim Melvin are asking me to request that the change be pulled
in for M5 because a licensee and partner has been asking for it (and they
continue to ask for it).

Tim Bell

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