Approval request for JAXP update in JDK7 M5

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 30 15:56:57 PDT 2009

Tim Bell wrote:
> According to at
>> JAXP update in JDK7 M5. There were many performance 
>> improvement back in JDK6u18 and Intel has been asking about it's 
>> integration into JDK7. Since the JAXP source bundle contains everything 
>> by 10/13/09, we'll be able to tell them that it's done (that is, the 
>> performance improvement is in JDK7) as long as the current integration 
>> is completed.
> James Melvin wrote:
>> "This" is the forward port of the XML performance work. (6u14p->JDK7)
>> Intel is very interested and asks about this every week.
>> - Jim
> This request is for the following changeset to be included in M5:

Technically, this changeset is also needed:
So it's 2 changesets, based on jdk7-b74.


>   The update is to use a newer jaxp source bundle from upstream:
> As Joe Wang mentions (see above), these changes are already in JDK6u18.
> That should make the risk level low.
> If we do nothing, this change is already in the TL forest, which means
> by default it would go into M6 (probably b77).
> Joe Wang and Jim Melvin are asking me to request that the change be pulled
> in for M5 because a licensee and partner has been asking for it (and they
> continue to ask for it).
> Tim Bell

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