JDK 7 Updates: Policy Changes

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Wed Jul 22 17:05:44 UTC 2015

On 20.07.2015 17:36, Omair Majid wrote:
> On the flip side, would it be possible to continue using the standard
> JDK project for this?

Yes, of course.

> Could be there be conflicts would Open and
> Proprietary bugs? If so, any tips to minimize those conflicts?

An interesting potential source of conflict is that hgupdater creates 
backports entries in JBS. So you want to ensure that for jdk7u forests 
it's configured in a way that lets you easily distinguish issues.

That's why we had this thread back in March: 

> Could the project lead (possibly with requests to ops@) create
> OpenJDK7-specific milestones and versions?

The Project Lead would need to discuss such requirements with ops 
directly, I think, once you determine what they really are.

A lot of that really depends on what workflow and development process 
makes most sense for the Project going forward, which also typically 
depends on who, from where and how many would be actively involved.

For example, there is no special representation of the milestones like 
Rampdown Phase 2 in the JDK JBS Project. Instead, they were tracked 
separately - see https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/jdk7u/JDK+7u80 
for an example.

So if you want to continue working the same way the Project worked 
before, as Andrew seems to have indicated on the list in the past, there 
is no need to create OpenJDK 7 Updates specific milestones in JBS - you 
just document them on the wiki as was done before.

The way the forests were configured when I left as Project Lead was to 
allow fixVersion=openjdk7u to be used in the manner described above.

One could, for example, use the 'Resolved in Build' field of JBS issues 
to distinguish issues resolved in different future OpenJDK 7u builds 
without having to request the ops team to create additional versions (as 
the generic 'openjdk7' version already exists for that purpose).

That way, when an issue X is marked as Fixed in Version OpenJDK 7, 
Resolved in Build b85, you could distinguish it from one that is marked 
as fixed in version 7u85, Resolved in Build b01 (as would for example be 
the case for issues addressed in Oracle's JDK).

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