Changes to 8u and 11u process

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at
Tue Aug 6 21:48:39 UTC 2019

Hi Severin

> Could you please clarify?
> Consider a bug with a backport to Oracle JDK 11 and "Fix version:
> 11.0.6-oracle". Does that mean a fix for OpenJDK 11u can only be pushed
> to jdk11u-dev once 11.0.6 opens? Same rationale for JDK 8 and 8u232 vs
> openjdk8u232?

In case we abolish labelling for Oracle induced items, I would strongly suggest to only allow it for patches of the current release (e.g. only 11.0.5-oracle at the moment in 11u). In case one wanted to pre-draw something from a later Oracle release, a maintainer should have a closer look whether the backport is suitable for the current OpenJDK release cycle already. Which will be true in most cases probably - but who knows.

I consider this another argument to keep the unconditional labelling for all items. Otherwise this rule will be hard to enforce and people will do mistakes.

Best regards

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