Changes to 8u and 11u process

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Aug 7 08:11:14 UTC 2019

On 8/6/19 10:37 PM, Langer, Christoph wrote:

> first of all, thanks for making me a maintainer of jdk11 updates. I
> feel very humbled and will try my best to do a decent job. ��

I'm sure you will.

> As for the discussion on whether items included by Oracle as well as
> test fixes shall undergo the approval labeling process or not:

> After some contemplation, I got to the conclusion to support
> Aleksey's position to keep the labelling for every item that's going
> to be backported. Here are my reasons:

> a) It gives the maintainer(s) some form of control, not only about
> what's going in to the project but also about when it'll be
> pushed. For instance it might be that a certain item can be
> considered too risky for pushing when only few time is left until
> the release date and should rather be pushed early in the next cycle
> to give it more time to bake in and be tested.

That's a good reason.

> b) What I find particularly helpful, also for Oracle induced items
> and tests, is the fix request comment. It mostly contains valuable
> information about the reasons, testing and other things like risk
> assessment and serves as a good documentation. I'd really like to
> have this on all backported patches and would consider this a task
> for the maintainer to make sure that some comment is there before
> approving.

OK. Thanks for sharing your reasoning.

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