Backport proposal of the Marlin renderer in OpenJDK8

Andrew John Hughes gnu.andrew at
Thu Aug 8 18:51:30 UTC 2019

On 08/08/2019 08:18, Laurent Bourgès wrote:


> This class change must stay specific to jdk8u, as a different patch.
> Finally I wonder if we should backport each individual jdk9, 10, 11, 14
> patches into jdk8u as a long train or you would accept 1 large patch
> gathering all patches.
> Of course, the latter approach seems simpler to me, but it requires a
> careful review to ascertain the code is the same with the current jdk
> repository (jdk 14).
> Once jdk8u & jdk14 have Marlin renderer, we will simply backport
> future changes.

The individual changes should be backported. This assures that there is
a record that these bugs are fixed in 8u, which is important for
long-term maintainability.

I would suspect the original JDK9 patch would be an easier backport too,
given how much the build system has changed and the files have moved
around in JDK head.

A halfway option between the two would be to build up the required
changes in a staging repository and then ask for a bulk review before
integration into 8u. I believe this is how JFR is being backported.

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