[8u-jfr] RFR (S) 8203287: Zero fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight Recorder)

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Fri Aug 16 09:12:49 UTC 2019

Missing backport:

Zero fails to build, because files are missing and some defines are wrong. Most of that is fixed in
the original backport, so I just needed to adapt it for jfr-8u-incubator. vm_version_ext_zero
required dropping cpu_description support -- it is not available in 8u. Changes in jfrTime.cpp are
already present in 8u backport.

Webrev for jdk8u-jfr-incubator/hotspot:

I don't think I have push privileges for that repository, so would appreciate sponsorship.

Testing: x86_64 zero build


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