[8u] RFR (S) 8218201: Failures when vmIntrinsics::_getClass is not inlined

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Thu Aug 22 19:11:27 UTC 2019

On 8/22/19 1:17 PM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> Patch looks good.

Thanks, going to push it soon.

> FWIW, the fillInStackTrace case is removed in OpenJDK 9 by JDK-8076112
> [0] (which adds HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate), but I can't see anything
> in that change which warrants its removal. I suspect it may be more
> related to the stack walking changes in 9.


> Elements of JDK-8076112 were backported for the recent security fix,
> JDK-8223511. I wonder if backporting the rest may be a worthwhile
> debugging aid for intrinsics on 8u, especially with regard to the
> varying support on different architectures.

Maybe? I don't see any code for JDK-8223511 yet, so cannot really judge. If it backported quite a
bit already, we can indeed consider backporting the rest. On the other hand, that diagnostics is
mostly useful when adding/modifying JDK-JVM intrinsics list, which is rare (and certainly very rare
for backports). I can tell when all the bits and pieces are in public repo.


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