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Dheeraj Joshi dheeraj.madhu at
Fri Aug 23 04:48:14 UTC 2019

How long Open JDK 8 is supported by
We are currently analyzing impact of upgrading from Java 8 to Java 11. We
need to know for how long JDK 8 will get periodic security upgrades and
general patches for JDK 8 from

RedHat OpenJDK 8 is supported till June 2023
AdoptOpenJDK8 is support till September 2023

We see these different support end dates for OpenJDK from different
vendors. We are using open JDK from So we want to
know for how long we would receive updates for JDK 8 from OpenJDK community

Is there a Road map available for public viewing?

Kind Regards
Dheeraj Joshi

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