JDK 8 Updates from OpenJDK community

Dheeraj Joshi dheeraj.madhu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 04:52:21 UTC 2019

How long Open JDK 8 is supported by  https://openjdk.java.net/
We are currently analyzing impact of upgrading from Java 8 to Java 11. We
need to know for how long JDK 8 will get periodic security upgrades and
general patches for JDK 8 from https://openjdk.java.net/?

RedHat OpenJDK 8 is supported till June 2023
AdoptOpenJDK8 is support till September 2023

We see these different support end dates for OpenJDK from different
vendors. We are using open JDK from https://openjdk.java.net/ So we want to
know for how long we would receive updates for JDK 8 from OpenJDK community

Is there a Road map available for public viewing?

Kind Regards
Dheeraj Joshi

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