[8u] RFR+RFA 8200109: NMT: diff_malloc_site assert(early->flags() == current->flags(), "Must be the same memory type")

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Mon Feb 11 16:11:32 UTC 2019

On 2/8/19 10:50 PM, zgu at redhat.com wrote:
> JDK8u Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~zgu/JDK-8200109-8u/webrev.00/

The code change looks good. (...and I cannot give approvals to push). However, we should probably
wait a few weeks before considering it for 8u, looking more testing in jdk/jdk. Also, jdk11u
backport should happen first?


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