Oracle JDK8 End of life and continued use without update

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at
Mon Jan 28 16:38:56 UTC 2019

On Thu, 24 Jan 2019 at 02:11, Md. Sarowar Alam <sarowar.cse at> wrote:
> Thanks for your kind reply.
> Yes I'm aware that sooner or later we have to move to OpenJDK.
> But we have some dependency on com.sun.* in some old libraries and it's
> kind of hard to change/upgrade those right now. So can't move to OpenJDK
> because of these. :(
> It's better for us if we can continue using OracleJDK8 without
> updates/support (i.e. without buying subscription) while we adapt to
> OpenJDK step by step.
> ----------------
> Best Regards,
> *Md. Sarowar Alam*

The code in OpenJDK should be mostly the same as in Oracle's proprietary
binaries; I believe the remaining differences these days are different
graphics & font renderers, and some tooling.

There are certainly com.sun.* classes. I just did a quick check
and the rt.jar I have for OpenJDK 8 contains 7,475 com.sun classes.

If there are particular classes/functionality you need to know are present
in OpenJDK, I'm happy to provide further confirmation to help your switchover.

Andrew :)

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