8u/11u repo access and Jira changes

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Mon Mar 4 06:42:08 UTC 2019

Hi Andrew,

> > We sync once per CPU release cycle from jdk8u-dev -> jdk8u, respectively
> from jdk11u-dev to jdk11u. For jdk11u, we've kind of done it now by the
> creation of the jdk11u-dev repo. For jdk8u I propose to do the initial push to
> jdk8u once all open Oracle backports were integrated.
> > Then, I expect a few pushes to jdk8u/jdk11u and we'll tag these once in a
> while like jdk-11.0.3+1 etc. These tags will be integrated back to dev regularly
> (by those who set the tags, that is, the maintainers).
> > At the release day, you'll sync your security work on top of jdk8u/jdk11u
> and add a final jdk-11.0.3+xx tag and the jdk-11.0.3-ga tag (which should
> point to the same change). And this will be integrated back to jdk11u-dev.
> >
> > What do you think of that?
> I can live with that. I'm a bit nervous about pushing changes to jdk8u
> before jdk8u-dev, but as long as it is tested regularly and integrated
> back into jdk8u-dev, it's ok. Incidentally, has 11u being tagged yet?

It has, yes.

> On your final point, the -ga tag will be the point at which we branch
> + the private CPU changes (which will be smaller than the batches
> Oracle pushed, as we are only keeping private those that are
> embargoed, not the entire release set). This is why I suggest we
> declare the branch frozen at the point we use as a base internally, so
> there are not changes between the baseline for the CPU and when we
> push upstream. Tagging -ga after a merge would represent something
> different from what we have already based our update binaries on.

Well, jdk11u is virtually frozen already (with about 6 weeks to go until GA). We only expect few stabilization changes. And whenever you start your work on the security repo, you can do merges from jdk11u back into your private repository at any time.

Having said that, I, however, agree, that 'ga' should not be a merge between something that you worked on an tested in private and something that has diverged meanwhile in the public.
That means, between the point when you've synced the last public jdk11.0.3+x into your private repo and the sync back of jdk11.0.3+(x+1) == jdk11.0.3-ga, there must not be changes in the public repository.
So we should announce on the mailing list when we have a tag that we intend to use base for GA. And after that, no pushes any more to jdk11u, that's your hard freeze. :)
What'll be the time you need for that final round of testing? Maybe 1-2 weeks before GA?

Best regards

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