8u/11u repo access and Jira changes

Andrew John Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Mon Mar 11 04:36:44 UTC 2019

On 06/03/2019 22:00, Langer, Christoph wrote


> I also looked at the tags: There's no +0 tag in 8u (tag format looks a bit different there, anyway). So I suggest after jdk8u-dev was transported to jdk8u, it should be tagged jdk8u212-b1 in jdk8u.
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> Christoph

jdk8u212-b00 I'd say:

$ cat ../upstream/jdk8/.hgtags |grep '\-b00'|tail|uniq
ccac71a8778d18186967618df12bd2612d758f4b jdk8u162-b00
d66f57333c7fcc735f87eb0903ffdc0aaf899b32 jdk8u171-b00
f2d13f7195163a34af334e0613c953ddec40e115 jdk8u181-b00
e91f5717d8a5df396c8646da9b5a7bcd526bf288 jdk8u172-b00
f2d13f7195163a34af334e0613c953ddec40e115 jdk8u181-b00
dda7b81e20a3bb3ea6877d93dd6145381b52b6e4 jdk8u191-b00
d6007fa4ffae140f4c4ad551a1ee290a0704a094 jdk8u201-b00
3b5b53db61f2aaa5a94fd9ca51162d83565faabe jdk8u182-b00
dcfe85bcd9017741198b4e4a2045fdaaab212c74 jdk8u192-b00
6d8d269ee313fb1420375c2a81dd71c0b660a65f jdk8u202-b00

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