openjdk8u212 and openjdk11.0.3 code freeze/rampdown dates

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Mon Mar 11 08:06:02 UTC 2019

On 07/03/2019 20:04, Hohensee, Paul wrote:
> We’re roughly 6 weeks from when 8u211/212 and 11.0.3 will ship. There are two 11.0.3 tags in jdk11u-dev, but no 8u212 tags in the jdk8u-dev. There are 9 backports left on the u211/212 list. One is out for review (JDK-8180904/8077608 by Xin), one is unassigned (JDK-8213983), and one looks to be taken by Aleksey (JDK-8217305). I’m willing to do the remaining 6: they’re all pretty small. Just need jdk8u-fix-yes tags. :)
> I haven’t seen code freeze dates for non-embargoed patches candidates, but may have missed them going by. If they aren’t yet determined, it’d be excellent to have them so we can plan rampdown.
> Thanks,
> Paul

It'd be helpful if you could link to the list you're referring to, so
we're all the same page :)

Assuming this was [0], it's now down to 4 and I've just posted a review
for JDK-8175120

I also pushed JDK-8164656 & JDK-7127191 as they were approved clean

Of the approved but pending push list [2], I plan to look at JDK-8189761
next which depends on JDK-8193764 [3] being approved as a pre-requisite.

I'm also waiting on review & approval for JDK-8217753 [4] and
JDK-8220397 [5]

I think that just leaves JDK-8217305, JDK-8213825, JDK-8180904 &
JDK-8077608. I think Aleksey is looking at the first two and you're on
the second two.

JDK-8213983 is the only unapproved bug on [0] and seems to be a Mac OS
issue. I think Aleksey has looked at it though, from the bug history.

As to a final freeze, I think we agreed the first of the embargo month,
so the 1st of April for 2019-04.

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