openjdk8u212 and openjdk11.0.3 code freeze/rampdown dates

Andrew John Hughes gnu.andrew at
Mon Mar 11 17:40:51 UTC 2019

On 11/03/2019 13:43, Langer, Christoph wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
>> It'd be helpful if you could link to the list you're referring to, so
>> we're all the same page :)
>> Assuming this was [0], it's now down to 4 and I've just posted a review
>> for JDK-8175120
> Your link [0], that is: is either wrong or your private filter. A public filter that we can all see is: I assume that's what you mean. It lists the differences to Oracle for 8u212.

Ugh, yes, that's right. JIRA rewrites these URLs when it opens them into
the format I posted. 36396 & 36394 produce identical results and it's
not obvious on this end that one is private :( I can't see an option to
make one public either.

>> I think that just leaves JDK-8217305, JDK-8213825, JDK-8180904 &
>> JDK-8077608. I think Aleksey is looking at the first two and you're on
>> the second two.
> From those bugs there are JDK-8217305 and JDK-8180904 on the list that I shared.

You seem to have snipped a bit of my e-mail here. This is referring to
the pending push list:

It's a moving target so what I wrote in an e-mail may not be true when
you follow the link from that e-mail :) In this case, I think Paul dealt
with 8077608 in the interim.

That list is currently:

* JDk-8217305: Windows build issue (Aleksey)
* JDK-8213825: assertion fix (Aleksey)
* JDK-8189761: versioning fix, waiting on approval of 8193764 (gnu_andrew)
* JDK-8175120: Kerberos tests, out for review (gnu_andrew)

Two of those are our suggestions, and so aren't on the Oracle list
(8213825 & 8189761)

>> JDK-8213983 is the only unapproved bug on [0] and seems to be a Mac OS
>> issue. I think Aleksey has looked at it though, from the bug history.
> This one is on the list as well. I hope it can be resolved within this week.
>> As to a final freeze, I think we agreed the first of the embargo month,
>> so the 1st of April for 2019-04.
> Yep. We should, however, close the list above as early as we can and transport to jdk8u when it is empty.

Yes, that's the final date when I expect nothing more to be accepted
into the release except security patches or critical, stop-the-train
stuff. I'd expect the first merge + tag to jdk8u to be this week.

> Best regards
> Christoph

Best regards,
Andrew :)

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