JDK-8217305, JDK-8209002 and fixes

Kevin Walls kevin.walls at oracle.com
Mon Mar 11 18:20:01 UTC 2019

Hi Alexsey - yes, that little change in flags.m4 is what I did for 8217305.

I'm just feeling my way in the new process, so I pushed to our internal 

Paul I was pleased to see your keyword addition, and the approval.  I 
didn't quite know if it meant you were taking the change I mentioned and 
getting it into the open 8u-dev (you're probably aware that in 8u with 
these build ones, we make the .m4 change, then run autogen.sh to 
regenerated generated-autoconfigure.sh, pushing both).  If you are, 
that's great.  If you aren't, I'll do it as I have it in my head, and it 
appears to be approved. 8-)


On 11/03/2019 18:09, Aleksey Shipilev wrote:
> On 3/7/19 8:46 PM, Hohensee, Paul wrote:
>> I tagged JDK-8217305 with jdk8u-fix-request.
> Have you been doing the work for it? Generally, if you put the tag, it is expected that you also put
> the appropriate "Fix Request" comment, which implies you did the backporting work.
>> On 3/6/19, 11:58 PM, "jdk8u-dev on behalf of Kevin Walls" <jdk8u-dev-bounces at openjdk.java.net on behalf of kevin.walls at oracle.com> wrote:
>>      8209002 changes JDK_VER.
>>      8217305 changes JDK_FVER.
>>      8217305 is not a confidential bug, but I haven't yet done an open review
>>      for that one.  The required diff is below to clarify what it's about.
>>      If there's impact to the open builds we can do the review/approval
>>      required to get it there...
>>      --- a/common/autoconf/flags.m4    Wed Feb 27 10:51:09 2019 -0800
>>      +++ b/common/autoconf/flags.m4    Thu Feb 28 02:55:32 2019 -0800
>>      @@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
>>                -d
>>      \
>>                -d \"JDK_COPYRIGHT=Copyright \xA9 $COPYRIGHT_YEAR\" \
>>                -d \"JDK_NAME=\$(PRODUCT_NAME) \$(JDK_RC_PLATFORM_NAME)
>>      -        -d \"JDK_FVER=\$(JDK_MINOR_VERSION),\$(JDK_MICRO_VERSION),\$(if
>>      +        -d \"JDK_FVER=\$(JDK_MINOR_VERSION),\$(JDK_MICRO_VERSION),\$(if
>>          fi
>>          AC_SUBST(RC_FLAGS)
> Hey Kevin, do I understand correctly this is the exact fix for 8217305 for 8u? If so, I'd be working
> to get it into 8u.
> Thanks,
> -Aleksey

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