OpenJDK 8u212 status

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at
Wed Mar 13 09:08:23 UTC 2019



> I haven't posted an RFR for that either because I currently have three
> pending for over 24 hours:
> March/008846.html
> March/008844.html
> March/008845.html
> All of these are pretty trivial patches, so I'm curious why they've not
> been reviewed yet.
> Paul & Aleksey are both 8u reviewers. Are we in a position to propose
> any more?

I think Severin could be proposed as reviewer. He has enough pushes in jdk8u.
I'd also love to be a reviewer in 8u but I think my stats there are still too low (I counted 18 distinct pushes) and the outlook for growth is not so big. Maybe my track record in the jdk project would help to close the gap but I'm not in the position to assess this. ��

> > I also suggest to suspend fix approvals for 8u until the
> > jdk8u-dev->jdk8u promotion happened and jdk8u-dev is set up for
> > openjdk8u222.
> >
> Suspending approvals at present will block JDK-8193764 and thus JDK-
> 8189761.

I only meant to suspend approvals for issues that can wait for 8u222. �� JDK-8193764 certainly needs to be approved asap.


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