CFV: New OpenJDK 8u Reviewer: Christoph Langer

Andrew John Hughes gnu.andrew at
Thu Mar 14 03:35:15 UTC 2019

I hereby nominate Christoph Langer [0] for the role of OpenJDK 8u Reviewer.

He's a active member of many OpenJDK projects, including being
a reviewer on OpenJDK 9 and up, and a committer to the Metropolis project.

Most of his commits have been to OpenJDK 9 and later,
but there are still a fair number in 8u [1] [2].

In a similar manner to Andrew Dinn's nomination [3], his lack of
reviewer status on OpenJDK 8 Updates, while holding it on all later
releases, seems more a simple case of when he gained JDK reviewership -
as the same status is conferred on to new JDK releases, but
not retrospectively to older ones - than a lack of sufficient
technical qualification.  With the new JDK and JDK-Updates projects
covering all releases, this is a problem that only really applies
to the older releases.

Votes are due by the 27th of March, 2018, at 17h00 UTC.

Only current OpenJDK 8u Reviewers [4] are eligible to vote on this
nomination. Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing

For Three-Vote Consensus voting instructions, see [5].

Andrew :)

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Red Hat, Inc. (

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