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Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Thu Mar 14 13:05:20 UTC 2019

On 3/12/19 11:25 AM, Langer, Christoph wrote:
> JDK11u:
> https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/JDKUpdates/JDK11u

It is a good start, but I feel it does not help the outsiders, who would be as puzzled after reading
that page. Concrete suggestions:

 *) Let's spell out:
     "Current status:
       jdk-updates/jdk11u-dev repository collects non-critical update fixes, targeted to 11.0.4.
       jdk-updates/jdk11u repository is stabilizing for 11.0.3 release"

 *) We need a verbose "How Do I" section, for example

 ------ 8< -----------------------------------------------------------------------
How Do I...

...Suggest the Change

Normally, requesters are expected to do the bulk of the backporting work. If do not have time and
resources to do the work, you have to find someone who would. You can ask around the original
authors of the change and/or current (co-)maintainers in the update release.

...Request the Backport

Backports are the issues that exist in later JDK versions and need to be applied to lower ones as well.

 1. Pick the existing issue from the JBS
      - Take careful note of the linked issues that need to be brought with
        the fix, especially the follow-up fixes;
      - If there are relevant issues that prevent clean backport, consider backporting
        those first (within reason)
 2. Check out the jdk-updates/jdk11u-dev, and try to apply the patch there
      - Make sure to keep the changeset metadata: original authors, Reviewed-by: lines, etc
 3. If patch does not apply cleanly, you have to start the RFR thread at jdk-updates-dev@
      - Need to state what changes were needed and why
      - Optionally, seek the review from the original authors
 4. Test the patch
      - "tier1" tests should be passing at all times
      - Look at what area the patch affects, and run the tests from there
      - New regression tests that come with the patch should pass
      - Optionally, new regression tests may need to be verified to fail without the patch
 5. Once everything is done, put jdk11u-fix-request tag and the "Fix Request" comment on the issue
      - Fix Request should explain why the fix should be backported, what testing was done,
        and the risk estimate
 6. Wait for maintainer approval, which would manifest as jdk11u-fix-yes tag on the issue
 7. Push the change
      - You might need a sponsor in jdk-updates project, ask at jdk-updates-dev@ list
 8. Wait around to resolve any problems that might arise from the push

...Request the Change (without Backport)

There are cases when the lower JDK release needs to have the patch that is not required for the
higher JDK releases. The same rule set applies, as for backports, with mandatory RFR at
jdk-updates-dev list.

...Keep the Changeset Metadata

The easiest way to keep metadata is to import the full changeset from Mercurial.
<mq example goes here>

...Test the Change

<jtreg example goes here>

...Submit the RFR (Request For Review)

<RFR template goes here>

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