jdk9-b26: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Fri Aug 8 16:59:26 UTC 2014



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8049893   client-libs      Replace uses of 'new Integer()' with appropriate alternative across client classes 
JDK-8044301   client-libs     BasicTreeUI: "revisit when Java2D is ready"
JDK-8048328   client-libs     CUPS Printing does not report supported printer resolutions.
JDK-8030051   client-libs     Check class loaders usage in Swing classes
JDK-8048583   client-libs     CustomMediaSizeName class matching to standard media is too loose
JDK-8043968   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings from javax.swing.plaf.basic package, 1 of 7
JDK-8049704   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings from javax.swing.plaf.basic package, 2 of 7
JDK-8049808   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings from javax.swing.plaf.basic package, 3 of 7
JDK-8049870   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings from javax.swing.plaf.basic package, 4 of 7
JDK-8050009   client-libs     Fix doclint warnings from javax.swing.plaf.basic package, 7 of 7
JDK-8047027   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in generated beaninfo files
JDK-8047025   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in generated nimbus files
JDK-8049797   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in javax.swing.SortingFocusTraversalPolicy
JDK-8044862   client-libs     Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in macosx specific code
JDK-8048289   client-libs     Gtk: call to UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName() leads to crash
JDK-8046888   client-libs     JNI exception pending in jdk/src/share/native/sun/awt/image/awt_parseImage.c
JDK-8046884   client-libs     JNI exception pending in jdk/src/solaris/native/sun/java2d/x11: X11PMPLitLoops.c, X11SurfaceData.c
JDK-8048720   client-libs     KSS: sun.swing.SwingUtilities2#makeIcon
JDK-8049694   client-libs     Migrate functional AWT_DesktopProperties/Automated tests to OpenJDK
JDK-4991647   client-libs     PNGMetadata.getAsTree() sets bitDepth to invalid value
JDK-8047336   client-libs     Read flavormap.properties as resource
JDK-8049830   client-libs     Remove reflection from ScreenMenuBar
JDK-8050465   client-libs     Remove sun.audio package
JDK-8027895   client-libs     Remove unused com.sun.java.accessibility.extensions package from jdk repo
JDK-8049583   client-libs     Test closed/java/awt/List/ListMultipleSelectTest/ListMultipleSelectTest fails on Window XP
JDK-8047066   client-libs     Test test/sun/awt/image/bug8038000.java fails with ClassCastException
JDK-8037511   client-libs     Tidy warnings cleanup for java.awt - 2d part
JDK-8040808   client-libs     Uninitialised memory in OGLBufImgsOps.c, D3DBufImgOps.cpp
JDK-8049198   client-libs     [macosx] Incorrect thread access when showing splash screen
JDK-8049996   client-libs     [macosx] test java/awt/image/ImageIconHang.java fails with NPE
JDK-8046597   client-libs     fix doclint issues in swing classes, part 4 of 4
JDK-8043126   client-libs     move awt automated functional tests from AWT_Events/Lw and AWT_Events/AWT to OpenJDK repository
JDK-8047367   client-libs     move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 2
JDK-8049617   client-libs     move awt automated tests from AWT_Modality to OpenJDK repository - part 3
JDK-8051440   client-libs     move tests about maximizing undecorated to OpenJDK 
JDK-8053931   core-libs       (fc) FileDispatcherImpl.lock0 does not handle ERROR_IO_PENDING [win]
JDK-8054411   core-libs       Add "nashorn.args.prepend" system property
JDK-8053913   core-libs       Auto format caused warning in CompositeTypeBasedGuardingDynamicLinker
JDK-8053938   core-libs       Collections.checkedList(empty list).replaceAll((UnaryOperator)null) doesn't throw NPE after JDK-8047795
JDK-8030942   core-libs       Explicitly state floating-point summation requirements on non-finite inputs
JDK-8042872   core-libs       Fix raw and unchecked warnings in sun.applet
JDK-8054050   core-libs       Fix stay raw and unchecked lint warnings in core libs
JDK-8054158   core-libs       Fix typos in JNDI-related packages
JDK-8051991   core-libs       Flatten VersionHelper hierarchies
JDK-8031435   core-libs       Ftp download does not work properly for ftp user without password
JDK-8044671   core-libs       NPE from JapaneseEra when a new era is defined in calendar.properties
JDK-8054223   core-libs       Nashorn: AssertionError when use __DIR__ and ScriptEngine.eval()
JDK-8051382   core-libs       Optimize java.lang.reflect.Modifier.toString()
JDK-8048869   core-libs       Reduce time spent in jdk.nashorn.internal.ir.Node.accept/java.lang.Class.cast(Object)
JDK-8051422   core-libs       Remove JNDI dependency on java.applet.Applet
JDK-8044786   core-libs       Some tests fail with non-optimistic compilation
JDK-8048209   core-libs       SynchronizedNavigableSet tailSet uses wrong mutex
JDK-8049318   core-libs       Test hideLocationProperties.js fail on Window due to backslash in path.
JDK-8051439   core-libs       Wrong type calculated for ADD operator with undefined operand
JDK-8051839   core-libs       [Findbugs] jdk.internal.dynalink.linker.GuardedInvocation may expose internal representation 
JDK-8049618   core-libs       [Test Bug ] Test closed/java/net/SocketPermission/BindTest.java fails on Sctp Channel
JDK-8030166   core-libs       java/lang/ProcessBuilder/Basic.java fails intermittently: waitFor took too long
JDK-8053908   core-libs       jdeps is not PATH on Mac, results in ant clean test failure on Mac
JDK-8049194   core-svc        com/sun/tools/attach/StartManagementAgent.java start failing after JDK-8048193
JDK-8048906   deploy          Broken exception site list GUI- Unable to add a site to the list
JDK-8043671   deploy          Convert @exception -> @throws to make doclint happy
JDK-8048337   deploy          Examine if macosx/bundle/JavaAppLauncher and JavaAppLauncher.java can be removed 
JDK-8051368   deploy          Incremental build fails
JDK-8049519   deploy          JNLP TCK failure: Fix for JDK-8048297 fails on MacOSX
JDK-8031989   deploy          Provide API to get all the JNLP artifacts
JDK-8048709   deploy          Remove references to sun.audio package
JDK-8037471   deploy          The warning message displays the app name and publisher as "UNKNOWN" if cache is disabled
JDK-8048882   hotspot          Some regression tests are not robust with VM output
JDK-8051303   hotspot         'optimized' build broken by JDK-8039425
JDK-8051378   hotspot         AIX: Change "8030763: Validate global memory allocation" breaks the HotSpot build
JDK-8048085   hotspot         Aborting marking just before remark results in useless additional clearing of the next mark bitmap
JDK-8050972   hotspot         Concurrency problem in PcDesc cache
JDK-8048088   hotspot         Conservative maximum heap alignment should take vm_allocation_granularity into account
JDK-8051866   hotspot         Error message for JFR.start lacks reason for failure
JDK-8050978   hotspot         Fix bad field access check in C1 and C2
JDK-8053902   hotspot         Fix for 8030115 breaks build on Windows and Solaris
JDK-8048112   hotspot         G1 Full GC needs to support the case when the very first region is not available
JDK-8032449   hotspot         Get rid of JMX in test/compiler
JDK-8049325   hotspot         Introduce and clean up umbrella headers for the files in the cpu subdirectories.
JDK-8004128   hotspot         NPG: remove stackwalking in Threads::gc_prologue and gc_epilogue code
JDK-8049441   hotspot         PPC64: Don't use StubCodeMarks for zero-length stubs 
JDK-8051550   hotspot         Printing of 'cmpN_reg_branch_short' instruction shows wrong 'op2' register
JDK-8050144   hotspot         Remove '-client' from compiler/8004051/Test8004051.java's options
JDK-8050228   hotspot         Rename 'rem_size' in compactibleFreeListSpace.cpp because of name clashes on AIX
JDK-8050802   hotspot         Update jprt runthese test suite to jck-8
JDK-8049051   hotspot         Use of during_initial_mark_pause() in G1CollectorPolicy::record_collection_pause_end() prevents use of seperate object copy time prediction during marking
JDK-6848902   hotspot         [TESTBUG] The compiler/6589834/Test_ia32.java timed out
JDK-8030115   hotspot         [parfait] warnings from b119 for jdk.src.share.native.sun.tracing.dtrace: JNI exception pending
JDK-7033917   hotspot         closed/compiler/6507107/HeapwalkingTest.java sometimes works too long
JDK-8031978   hotspot         compiler/ciReplay/TestVM_no_comp_level.sh fails with "TEST [CHECK :: REPLAY DATA GENERATION] FAILED:"
JDK-8049348   hotspot         compiler/intrinsics/bmi/verifycode tests on lzcnt and tzcnt use incorrect assumption about REXB prefix usage
JDK-8049881   hotspot         jstack not working on core files
JDK-8050165   hotspot         linux-sparcv9: NMT detail causes assert((intptr_t*)younger_sp[FP->sp_offset_in_saved_window()] == (intptr_t*)((intptr_t)sp - STACK_BIAS)) failed: younger_sp must be valid
JDK-8050167   hotspot         linux-sparcv9: hs_err file does not show any stack information
JDK-8049684   hotspot         pstack crashes on java core dump
JDK-8039102   infrastructure  Add raw and unchecked lint warnings to build of jdk repository
JDK-8054095   infrastructure  No space allowed in platforms string in ProblemList.txt
JDK-8054009   infrastructure  Support SKIP_BOOT_CYCLE=false when invoked from JPRT
JDK-8048611   infrastructure  Windows VS 2013 install 64-bit build fails with: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'Ole32.lib'
JDK-8047890   infrastructure  clang errors thrown when building in install: implicit instantiation of undefined template
JDK-8050865   install         8u20 to jdk8 downgrade: javapath files are not removed
JDK-8049481   install         AU removes static installations
JDK-8049056   install         Deployment .jar files are missing in JAVA_HOME\lib, when installer calls RegisterDeployEx() from deploy.dll
JDK-8047370   install         Fix incorrect phrase "Development Rule Set"
JDK-8050918   install         JUT cannot determine languages with countries
JDK-8049706   install         JUT should take into account, that 8u25 will be the default on java.com
JDK-8050994   install         JUT uses incorrect layout for punctuation symbols in Japanese
JDK-8048281   install         JavaScrub unit tests are failing
JDK-8029185   install         The jre/jdk installers do not install on 32bit win XP because of unsupported WinAPI Calls
JDK-8038842   install         Update ds build scripts to set correct baseimage and boot_jdk for 8u20 builds
JDK-8042653   install         jre offline should get upx compressed
JDK-8047724   other-libs      @since tag cleanup in jaxws
JDK-8044867   other-libs      Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in sun.tools.*
JDK-8051953   security-libs   Add Unreachable.java test to ProblemList on Windows
JDK-8044659   security-libs   Java SecureRandom on SPARC T4 much slower than on x86/Linux
JDK-8052999   security-libs   ProblemList update for Unreachable.java
JDK-8052406   security-libs   SSLv2Hello protocol may be filter out unexpectedly
JDK-8042982   security-libs   Unexpected RuntimeExceptions being thrown by SSLEngine
JDK-8052808   security-libs   [TESTBUG] some of the closed/javax/security/auth/ tests should be changed to work under profiles
JDK-8036612   security-libs   [parfait] JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/security/mscapi/security.cpp
JDK-7147060   security-libs   com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/transforms/ClassLoaderTest.java doesn't run in agentvm mode
JDK-8051972   security-libs   sun/security/pkcs11/ec/ReadCertificates.java fails intermittently
JDK-8043643   tools           Add an crules analyzer avoiding string concatenation in messages of Assert checks.
JDK-8048890   tools           Add option to keep track of symbol completion dependencies
JDK-8051958   tools           Cannot assign a value to final variable in lambda
JDK-8042469   tools           Launcher changes for native memory tracking scalability enhancement
JDK-8050979   tools           Provide javadoc for "framework" classes in langtools tests
JDK-8047072   tools           javap OOM on fuzzed classfile
JDK-8049109   xml             Add @since 1.9 to new packages added in jaxp
JDK-8035467   xml             Xerces Update: Move to Xalan based DOM L3 serializer. Deprecate Xerces' native serializer.
JDK-8053965   xml             Xerces update breaks profile build
JDK-8032908   xml             getTextContent doesn't return string in JAXP

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