jdk9-b67: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jun 3 20:48:41 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8078855   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JComboBox/8032878/bug8032878.java fails in Wind 
JDK-8079440   client-libs     [TESTBUG] @run is missing in java/awt/TrayIcon/8072769/bug8072769.java 
JDK-8081332   client-libs     AIX: fix charset dependenicies after 8035302:Eliminate dependency on j 
JDK-8034773   core-libs       (zipfs) newOutputstream uses CREATE_NEW when no options specified 
JDK-8028480   core-libs       (zipfs) NoSuchFileException on creating a file in ZipFileSystem with C 
JDK-8077866   core-libs       [TESTBUG] Some of java.lang tests cannot be run on compact profiles 1, 
JDK-8081347   core-libs       Add @modules to jdk_core tests  
JDK-8068978   core-libs       All versions of javax.script.ScriptEngine.eval(...) method may clarify 
JDK-8081015   core-libs       Allow conversion of native arrays to Queue and Collection 
JDK-8075678   core-libs       java.time javadoc error in DateTimeFormatter::parsedLeapSecond 
JDK-8075676   core-libs       java.time package javadoc typos 
JDK-8068276   core-libs       java.time.chrono.HijrahChronology.eraOf() assertions may lead to misun 
JDK-8077377   core-libs       java/net/MulticastSocket/SetOutgoingIf.java fails intermittently with  
JDK-8041677   core-libs       java/net/MulticastSocket/TestInterfaces failed on Oracle VM Virtual Et 
JDK-8081022   core-libs       java/time/test/java/time/format/TestZoneTextPrinterParser.java fails b 
JDK-8081156   core-libs       jjs "nashorn.args" system property is not effective when script argume 
JDK-8081062   core-libs       ListAdapter should take advantage of JSObject 
JDK-8081204   core-libs       ListAdapter throws NPE when adding/removing elements outside of JS con 
JDK-8081245   core-libs       MHIllegalAccess.java failing across platforms 
JDK-8040147   core-libs       minor cleanup for docs 
JDK-8007456   core-libs       Nashorn test framework @argument does not handle quoted strings 
JDK-8036743   core-libs       need ArrayBuffer constructor with specified data 
JDK-8064736   core-libs       Part of java.util.jar.JarFile spec looks confusing with references to  
JDK-8038310   core-libs       Re-examine integration of extended Charsets 
JDK-8060161   core-libs       re-examine sun/nio/cs/Test4200310.sh, test is invalid for modular imag 
JDK-8080901   core-libs       Replace package.html files with package-info.java in the java.base mod 
JDK-8074818   core-libs       Resolve disabled warnings for libjava 
JDK-8080007   core-libs       Stop ignoring warnings for libjava 
JDK-8080803   core-libs       sun/nio/cs/FindEncoderBugs.java failing intermittently 
JDK-8081359   core-libs       Update bug reporting URL 
JDK-8075926   core-svc        Add a sun.management.JMXConnectorServer perf counter to track its stat 
JDK-8029098   core-svc        Exclude javax/management/remote/mandatory/notif/ListenerScaleTest.java 
JDK-8078143   core-svc        java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/AllThreadIds.java fails intermittent 
JDK-8080833   core-svc        JDK-8076524 has failed to remove binary files 
JDK-8046869   core-svc        Several java/lang/instrument/PremainClass/* tests fail due to timeout 
JDK-8078470   hotspot         [Linux] Replace syscall use in os::fork_and_exec with glibc fork() and 
JDK-8033445   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Add test case for calling default methods from JNI 
JDK-8077620   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Some of the hotspot tests require at least compact profile 3 
JDK-8025979   hotspot         [TESTBUG] Write test to exercise uninitialized strings from JNI code 
JDK-8080281   hotspot         8068945 changes break building the zero JVM variant 
JDK-8080600   hotspot         AARCH64: testlibrary does not support AArch64 
JDK-8080581   hotspot         Align SA with new GC directory structure 
JDK-8080585   hotspot         concurrentGCThread.hpp should not include suspendibleThreadSet.hpp 
JDK-8079792   hotspot         GC directory structure cleanup 
JDK-8051045   hotspot         HotSpot fails to wrap Exceptions from invokedynamic in a BootstrapMeth 
JDK-8080483   hotspot         Incorrect test execution string at SumRed_Long.java  
JDK-8080584   hotspot         isGCActiveMark.hpp should not include parallelScavengeHeap.hpp 
JDK-8080692   hotspot         lots of jstack tests failing in pit 
JDK-8075288   hotspot         malloc without free in VM_PopulateDumpSharedSpace::doit() 
JDK-8058265   hotspot         No callers of ReferenceProcessor::clear_discovered_references 
JDK-8080190   hotspot         PPC64: Fix wrong rotate instructions in the .ad file 
JDK-8079216   hotspot         Remove undefined method oopDesc::is_null(Klass *). 
JDK-8047330   hotspot         Remove unrolled card loops in G1 SparsePRTEntry  
JDK-8080930   hotspot         SA changes broke bootcycle-images builds 
JDK-8080308   hotspot         TypeProfileLevel on SPARC platform should enable JSR292-only profiling 
JDK-6811960   hotspot         x86 biasedlocking epoch expired rare bug 
JDK-8080983   infrastructure  libdt_socket: Build failed with VS2013 SP4 
JDK-8078823   security-libs   javax/net/ssl/ciphersuites/DisabledAlgorithms.java fails intermittentl 
JDK-8050374   security-libs   More Signature tests 
JDK-8065233   security-libs   Remove Policy provider code that synchronizes on identityPolicyEntries 
JDK-8080911   security-libs   sun/security/krb5/auto/UseCacheAndStoreKey.java timed out intermittent 
JDK-8081278   security-libs   Typo in Exception Message 
JDK-8081334   tools           com.sun.tools.javap and com.sun.tools.javah are not exported API 
JDK-8080991   tools           Compilation error with recent clang in java.base/share/native/launcher 
JDK-8080608   tools           Missing archive name from jdeps -v -e output if no dependency on other 
JDK-8074432   tools           Move jdeps and javap to jdk.jdeps module 
JDK-8080726   tools           Redundant error message on private abstract interface method with body 
JDK-8074431   tools           Remove native2ascii tool 
JDK-8081417   tools           test CheckEBCDICLocaleTest.java is failing intermittently 

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