jdk9-dev: HotSpot

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue Jun 9 00:30:44 UTC 2015

jdk9-hs-2015-06-04 has been integrated into jdk9-dev.


Component : VM
Status    : Go for integration
Date      : 06/08/2015 at 19:00 MSK
Tested By : VM SQE &dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com

Bundles   : 2015-06-04-224117.amurillo.jdk9-hs-2015-06-04-snapshot

Testing: 64 new failures, 2229 known failures, 393623 passed.

Issues and Notes:
There are a number of minor issues which will be analyzed during the week.
No stoppers have been detected so far.  Go for integration

CRs for testing:
8001622: loadUB2L_immI8 & loadUS2L_immI16 rules don't match some 8-bit/16-bit masks
8029567: Clean up linkResolver code
8059340: ConstantPool::_resolved_references is missing in heap dump
8060036: C2: CmpU nodes can end up with wrong type information
8072588: JVM crashes in JNI if toString is declared as an interface method
8072913: [REDO] GCCause should distinguish jcmd GC.run from System.gc()
8076319: jstat verified class fix
8076613: gc/TestSmallHeap.java failed with OOME
8077504: Unsafe load can loose control dependency and cause crash
8079093: Remove FakeRttiSupport workaround for gcc -Wtype-limits
8079135: C2 disables some optimizations when a large number of unique nodes exist
8079205: CallSite dependency tracking is broken after sun.misc.Cleaner became automatically cleared
8080156: Integer.toString(int value) sometimes throws NPE
8080428: [TESTBUG] java/lang/invoke/8022701/MHIllegalAccess.java - FAIL: Unexpected wrapped exception java.lang.BootstrapMethodError
8080446: The change for 8074354 removed the server check when creating minidumps on Windows
8080699: Assert failed: Not a Java pointer in JCK test
8080718: Make -XX:CreateCoredumpOnCrash control core dumping in all cases
8080928: Uninitialised variable in hotspot/src/share/vm/prims/jvmtiEnvBase.cpp
8080976: Unexpected AIOOB thrown from 1.9.0-ea-b64 on (regression)
8081037: serviceability/sa/ tests time out on Windows
8081320: Backout JDK-8059340: ConstantPool::_resolved_references is missing in heap dump
8081475: SystemTap does not work when JDK is compiled with GCC 5
8081508: metaspace/shrink_grow/CompressedClassSpaceSize fails with OOM: Compressed class space
8081616: Remove hard-coded CFLAGS_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS to fully respect --disable-warnings-as-errors
8081682: AbstractWorkGang::_terminate is never used


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