jdk9-b68: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jun 10 21:39:10 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8035568   client-libs     [macosx] Cursor management unification 
JDK-8065739   client-libs     [macosx] Frame warps to lower left of screen when displayed 
JDK-7124365   client-libs     [macosx] setMaximizedBounds() should be implemented 
JDK-8078149   client-libs     [macosx] The text of the TextArea is not wrapped at word boundaries 
JDK-8079255   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/java/awt/Robot/RobotWheelTest/RobotWhe 
JDK-8015900   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] ScrollbarMouseWheelTest failed on ubuntu 12 with unity and  
JDK-8078483   client-libs     Apparent endless loop running JEditorPanePaintTest 
JDK-8072448   client-libs     Can not input Japanese in JTextField on RedHat Linux 
JDK-7155957   client-libs     closed/java/awt/MenuBar/MenuBarStress1/MenuBarStress1.java hangs on wi 
JDK-8080137   client-libs     Dragged events for extra mouse buttons (4,5,6) are not generated on JS 
JDK-8079640   client-libs     GroupLayout incorrect layout with large JTextArea 
JDK-6260348   client-libs     GTK+ L&F JTextComponent not respecting desktop caret blink rate 
JDK-8071306   client-libs     GUI perfomance are very slow compared java 1.6.0_45 
JDK-6587235   client-libs     Incorrect javadoc: "no parameter" in 2d source code 
JDK-8078408   client-libs     Java version applet hangs with Voice over turned on 
JDK-8075609   client-libs     java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: aContainer is not a focus cycle ro 
JDK-8013820   client-libs     JavaDoc for JSpinner contains errors 
JDK-8015368   client-libs     javax/print/attribute/URLPDFPrinting.java fails on solaris with java.n 
JDK-7072653   client-libs     JComboBox popup mispositioned if its height exceeds the screen height 
JDK-8081231   client-libs     JDK9 client build broken on Windows 
JDK-8003399   client-libs     JFileChooser gives wrong path to selected file when saving to Librarie 
JDK-5036022   client-libs     JSpinner does not reflect new font on subsequent calls to setFont 
JDK-8001470   client-libs     JTextField's size is computed incorrectly when it contains Indic or Th 
JDK-6980209   client-libs     Make tracking SecondaryLoop.enter/exit methods easier 
JDK-6368321   client-libs     MetalRootPaneUI calls to deprecated code 
JDK-8033069   client-libs     mouse wheel scroll closes combobox popup 
JDK-7190544   client-libs     Nimbus LaF: regression UnitTest failure 
JDK-8080628   client-libs     No mnemonics on Open and Save buttons in JFileChooser 
JDK-8041654   client-libs     OutOfMemoryError: RepaintManager doesn't clean up cache of volatile im 
JDK-8072775   client-libs     Tremendous memory usage by JTextArea 
JDK-8083664   client-libs     Update AudioFileWriter to generate working @see reference 
JDK-8077584   client-libs     Value of java.awt.font.OpenType.TAG_OPBD is incorrect 
JDK-7172652   client-libs     With JDK 1.7 text field does not obtain focus when using mnemonic Alt/ 
JDK-5109918   client-libs     Wrong documentation for JSpinner.DateEditor constructor 
JDK-7011441   core-libs       ./jndi/ldap/Connection.java needs to avoid spurious wakeup 
JDK-8081536   core-libs       (process) remove unreliable ScaleTest from ProcessHandle tests 
JDK-8081773   core-libs       [TEST_BUG] sun/net/www/protocol/https/ChunkedOutputStream.java referen 
JDK-8081775   core-libs       [TEST_BUG] two lib/testlibrary tests are failing with "Error. failed t 
JDK-8072726   core-libs       add adapter to convert Enumeration to Iterator 
JDK-8080835   core-libs       Add blocking bulk read operations to java.io.InputStream 
JDK-8079778   core-libs       Add intermittent tag to java/rmi/activation/rmidViaInheritedChannel/Rm 
JDK-8075555   core-libs       Add tiered testing definitions to the nashorn repo 
JDK-8071474   core-libs       Better failure atomicity for default read object 
JDK-8085858   core-libs       Better failure output for test/java/util/Arrays/ParallelPrefix.java 
JDK-8081522   core-libs       build failed with jdk8081452 change. 
JDK-8081027   core-libs       Create a common test to check adequacy of initial size of static HashM 
JDK-8081609   core-libs       engine.eval call from a java method which was called from a previous e 
JDK-8081603   core-libs       erroneous dot file generated from Nashorn --print-code 
JDK-8058779   core-libs       Faster implementation of String.replace(CharSequence, CharSequence) 
JDK-8081668   core-libs       fix Nashorn ant externals command 
JDK-8066218   core-libs       Fuzzing bug: And jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.Source#byteToCharArray:  
JDK-8066220   core-libs       Fuzzing bug: MethodHandle bug (Object,Object) != (boolean)Object 
JDK-8067808   core-libs       java/lang/ProcessBuilder/Basic.java failed on Assertion 
JDK-8081567   core-libs       java/lang/ProcessHandle/InfoTest.java failed  Cannot run program "whoa 
JDK-8081566   core-libs       java/lang/ProcessHandle/InfoTest.java failed on case sensitive command 
JDK-8077350   core-libs       JEP 102 Process API Updates Implementation 
JDK-8066773   core-libs       JSON-friendly wrapper for objects 
JDK-8081813   core-libs       JSONListAdapter should delegate its [[DefaultValue]] to wrapped object 
JDK-8081809   core-libs       Missing final modifier in method parameters (nashorn code convention) 
JDK-8081452   core-libs       Move sun.nio.cs.AbstractCharsetProvider into jdk.charset/sun.nio.cs.ex 
JDK-8081696   core-libs       reduce dependency of Nashorn tests on external components 
JDK-8081604   core-libs       rename ScriptingFunctions.tokenizeCommandLine 
JDK-8072384   core-libs       Setting IP_TOS on java.net sockets not working on unix 
JDK-8080275   core-libs       transparently download testng.jar for Nashorn testing 
JDK-8079063   core-libs       ZoneOffsetTransitionRule.of should throw IAE for non-zero nanoseconds 
JDK-8081470   core-svc        com/sun/jdi tests are failing with "Error. failed to clean up files af 
JDK-8080663   core-svc        Use sun.misc.SharedSecrets to allow access from java.management to @Co 
JDK-8078893   deploy          cert based run rule doesn't work when running offline 
JDK-8079677   deploy          fix to JDK-8078534 removed part of fix to JDK-8076220 
JDK-8057164   deploy          Remove dead code 
JDK-8080785   deploy          remove dead code to donwload JavaFX on demand. 
JDK-8080554   deploy          replace sun.misc.BASE64Encoder with java.util.Base64 
JDK-8081289   hotspot         aarch64: add support for RewriteFrequentPairs in interpreter 
JDK-8081669   hotspot         aarch64: JTreg TestStable tests failing 
JDK-8079565   hotspot         Add vectorization support for aarch64 
JDK-8080840   hotspot         Clean up active_workers() asserts  
JDK-8080828   hotspot         Create sanity test for JDK-8080155 
JDK-8080855   hotspot         Create sanity test for JDK-8080692 
JDK-8080877   hotspot         Don't use workers()->total_workers() when walking G1CollectedHeap::_ta 
JDK-8080869   hotspot         FlexibleWorkGang initializes _active_workers to more than _total_worke 
JDK-8081039   hotspot         G1: Remove unused statistics code in G1NoteEndOfConcMarkClosure and G1 
JDK-8080837   hotspot         Move number of workers calculation out of CollectionSetChooser::prepar 
JDK-8080746   hotspot         Refactor oop iteration macros to be more general  
JDK-8080879   hotspot         Remove AbstractGangTask::set_for_termination 
JDK-8080113   hotspot         Remove CollectedHeap::set_par_threads() 
JDK-8081007   hotspot         Remove redundant active worker variables and calls in ParNewGeneration 
JDK-8080111   hotspot         Remove SubTaskDone::_n_threads 
JDK-8080110   hotspot         Remove usage of CollectedHeap::n_par_threads() from root processing 
JDK-8080112   hotspot         Replace and remove the last usages of CollectedHeap::n_par_threads() 
JDK-8080876   hotspot         Replace unnecessary MAX2(ParallelGCThreads, 1) calls with ParallelGCTh 
JDK-8080109   hotspot         Use single-threaded code in Threads::possibly_parallel_oops_do when ru 
JDK-8066757   infrastructure  Can't build 'images' with --disable-zip-debug-info on OS X after jigsa 
JDK-8081692   infrastructure  Configure should verify that -fstack-protector is valid 
JDK-7198599   install         Incorrect UninstallString windows register key in JDK 1.6, 1.7 and 8 
JDK-8081565   other-libs      javac lint warnings in jdk testlibrary 
JDK-8081792   security-libs   buffer size calculation issue in NativeGCMCipher 
JDK-8083436   security-libs   Doclint regression introduced by JDK-8043758 
JDK-8031111   security-libs   fix krb5 caddr 
JDK-8043758   security-libs   JEP 219: Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) 
JDK-8079821   security-libs   MSOID2.java test is not perfect 
JDK-8038089   security-libs   TLS optional support for Kerberos cipher suites needs to be re-examine 
JDK-8077667   tools           'variable may not have been initialized' error for parameter in lambda 
JDK-8081541   tools           @ignore CheckEBCDICLocaleTest  
JDK-8075546   tools           Add tiered testing definitions to the langtools repo 
JDK-8039262   tools           Java compiler performance degradation jdk1.7 vs. jdk1.6 should be amen 
JDK-8081271   tools           NPE while compiling a program with erroneous use of constructor refere 
JDK-8073372   tools           Redundant CONSTANT_Class entry not generated for inlined constant 
JDK-8081824   tools           Remove dead code GetPublicJREHome in the launcher 
JDK-8081538   tools           test CheckEBCDICLocaleTest is failing 
JDK-8080842   tools           Using Lambda Expression with name clash results in ClassFormatError 
JDK-8075551   xml             Add tiered testing definitions to the jaxp repo 
JDK-8081392   xml             getNodeValue should return 'null' value for Element nodes 
JDK-8080502   xml             Update JAXB and JAX-WS to work with resource encapsulation 

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