jdk9-b69: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Jun 17 03:58:27 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8080490   core-libs       add $EXECV command to Nashorn scripting mode 
JDK-8085937   core-libs       add autoimports sample script to easily explore Java classes in intera 
JDK-8086032   core-libs       Add compiler error tests when syntax extensions are used with --no-syn 
JDK-8085885   core-libs       address Javadoc warnings in Nashorn source code 
JDK-8081674   core-libs       EmptyStackException at startup if running with extended or unsupported 
JDK-8080945   core-libs       Improve the performance of primitive Arrays.sort for certain patterns  
JDK-8080819   core-libs       Inet4AddressImpl regression caused by JDK-7180557 
JDK-8086117   core-libs       java/lang/Runtime/exec/LotsOfOutput.java still fails intermittently wi 
JDK-8068416   core-libs       LFGarbageCollectedTest.java fails with OOME: "GC overhead limit exceed 
JDK-8081517   core-libs       Minor cleanup for docs 
JDK-8085802   core-libs       Nashorn -nse option causes parse error on anonymous function definitio 
JDK-8080087   core-libs       Nashorn $ENV.PWD is originally undefined 
JDK-8087136   core-libs       regression: apply on $EXEC fails with ClassCastException 
JDK-8064956   core-libs       Remove sun.misc.ExtensionInstallationProvider and relevant classes  
JDK-8085810   core-libs       Return value of Objects.requireNonNull call can be used 
JDK-8081037   core-svc        serviceability/sa/ tests time out on Windows 
JDK-8080774   globalization   DateFormat for Singapore/English locale (en_SG) is M/d/yy instead of d 
JDK-8072913   hotspot         [REDO] GCCause should distinguish jcmd GC.run from System.gc() 
JDK-8085805   hotspot         aarch64: AdvancedThresholdPolicy lacks tuning of InlineSmallCode size 
JDK-8081682   hotspot         AbstractWorkGang::_terminate is never used 
JDK-8080699   hotspot         Assert failed: Not a Java pointer in JCK test 
JDK-8081320   hotspot         Backout JDK-8059340: ConstantPool::_resolved_references is missing in  
JDK-8079135   hotspot         C2 disables some optimizations when a large number of unique nodes exi 
JDK-8060036   hotspot         C2: CmpU nodes can end up with wrong type information 
JDK-8079205   hotspot         CallSite dependency tracking is broken after sun.misc.Cleaner became a 
JDK-8029567   hotspot         Clean up linkResolver code 
JDK-8059340   hotspot         ConstantPool::_resolved_references is missing in heap dump 
JDK-8076613   hotspot         gc/TestSmallHeap.java failed with OOME 
JDK-8080156   hotspot         Integer.toString(int value) sometimes throws NPE 
JDK-8076319   hotspot         jstat verified class fix 
JDK-8072588   hotspot         JVM crashes in JNI if toString is declared as an interface method 
JDK-8001622   hotspot         loadUB2L_immI8 & loadUS2L_immI16 rules don't match some 8-bit/16-bit m 
JDK-8080718   hotspot         Make -XX:CreateCoredumpOnCrash control core dumping in all cases 
JDK-8081508   hotspot         metaspace/shrink_grow/CompressedClassSpaceSize fails with OOM: Compres 
JDK-8079093   hotspot         Remove FakeRttiSupport workaround for spurious gcc -Wtype-limits 
JDK-8081475   hotspot         SystemTap does not work when JDK is compiled with GCC 5 
JDK-8080446   hotspot         The change for 8074354 removed the server check when creating minidump 
JDK-8080976   hotspot         Unexpected AIOOB thrown from 1.9.0-ea-b64 on (regression) 
JDK-8077504   hotspot         Unsafe load can loose control dependency and cause crash 
JDK-8081616   infrastructure  Remove hard-coded CFLAGS_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS to fully respect --disabl 
JDK-8087156   infrastructure  SetupNativeCompilation ignores CFLAGS_release for cpp files 
JDK-7130985   other-libs      Four helper classes missing in Sun JDK 
JDK-8076535   security-libs   Deprecate the com.sun.jarsigner package 
JDK-8085979   security-libs   Make some DTLS feature functional tests work also for TLS protocol 
JDK-8065942   security-libs   Store PermissionCollection entries in a ConcurrentHashMap instead of a 
JDK-8056179   security-libs   Store permissions in concurrent collections in PermissionCollection su 
JDK-8072515   security-libs   Test Task: Develop new tests for JEP 219: Datagram Transport Layer Sec 
JDK-8081521   tools           Compiler has trouble compiling nested diamond allocation constructs in 
JDK-8087115   tools           Due to a javac type inference issue, sjavac doesn't compile with 8u31 
JDK-8082311   tools           NPE when compiling expression with "^" 
JDK-8054717   tools           SJavac should track changes in the public apis of classpath classes! 
JDK-8080906   xml             Develop test for Xerces Update: DOM L3 Serializer 
JDK-8080908   xml             Develop test for Xerces Update: XPointer 
JDK-8072839   xml             JAX-B Plugability Layer: using java.util.ServiceLoader 

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