jdk9-b70: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Sat Jun 20 18:12:33 UTC 2015



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8035568   client-libs     [macosx] Cursor management unification 
JDK-8023794   client-libs     [macosx] LCD Rendering hints seems not working without FRACTIONALMETRI 
JDK-8061831   client-libs     [OGL] "java.lang.InternalError: not implemented yet" during the blit o 
JDK-8079255   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/java/awt/Robot/RobotWheelTest/RobotWhe 
JDK-8015900   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] ScrollbarMouseWheelTest failed on ubuntu 12 with unity and  
JDK-8079450   client-libs     [TESTBUG] javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8041642/bug8041642.java fails  
JDK-8081315   client-libs     8077982 giflib upgrade breaks system giflib builds with earlier versio 
JDK-8081886   client-libs     CGGlyphImages.m no longer builds with xcode 4.x 
JDK-8081019   client-libs     Check peer to null in CPlatformWindow.checkZoom() method 
JDK-8078279   client-libs     Closed tests should not use getPeer method 
JDK-8079652   client-libs     Could not enable D3D pipeline 
JDK-8078606   client-libs     Deadlock in awt clipboard 
JDK-8077409   client-libs     Drawing deviates when validate() is invoked on java.awt.ScrollPane 
JDK-8068886   client-libs     IDEA IntelliJ crashes in objc_msgSend when an accessibility tool is  e 
JDK-8015368   client-libs     javax/print/attribute/URLPDFPrinting.java fails on solaris with java.n 
JDK-8041470   client-libs     JButtons stay pressed after they have lost focus if you use the mouse  
JDK-8081313   client-libs     MultipleDocumentHandling.java: tidy warnings 
JDK-8085910   client-libs     OGL text renderer: gamma lut cleanup 
JDK-8077036   client-libs     swing docs: fix some tidy warnings 
JDK-8081447   client-libs     System JPEG builds include in-tree jpeglib.h, resulting in build failu 
JDK-8080086   client-libs     Test  javax/imageio/plugins/png/ItxtUtf8Test.java fails on Linux with  
JDK-8076312   client-libs     The behavior of the javax.swing.SwingContainer.delegate contradicts sp 
JDK-8087304   core-libs       (ch) java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/EmptyBuffer.java received 4 tim 
JDK-8081843   core-libs       (fs) FileStore.getTotalSpace returns unexpected results with >2TB file 
JDK-8054304   core-libs       Clarify treatment of bounds in j.l.r.Annotated{WildcardType,TypeVariab 
JDK-8098808   core-libs       Convert Scope from interface to class 
JDK-8098546   core-libs       eval within a 'with' leaks definitions into global scope 
JDK-8087288   core-libs       File.get{Free,Total,Usable}Space may return unexpected results with >2 
JDK-8098578   core-libs       Global scope is not accessible with indirect load call 
JDK-8098790   core-libs       Improve cross references and wording in java.lang.reflect.AnnotatedFoo 
JDK-8087211   core-libs       Indirect evals should be strict with -strict option 
JDK-8086208   core-libs       java/lang/ProcessHandle/OnExitTest.java: IllegalThreadStateException:  
JDK-8085978   core-libs       LinkedTransferQueue<T>.spliterator can report LTQ.Node object, not T 
JDK-8080933   core-libs       LogManager.demandSystemLogger should accept a 'caller' argument.  
JDK-8085879   core-libs       Mark intermittently failing: java/util/Arrays/ParallelPrefix.java 
JDK-8117883   core-libs       nasgen prototype, instance member count calculation is wrong 
JDK-8098847   core-libs       obj."prop" and obj.'prop'  should result in SyntaxError 
JDK-8087312   core-libs       PropertyMapWrapper.equals should compare className 
JDK-8081412   core-libs       Remove MHIllegalAccess.java from the problem list 
JDK-8086052   core-libs       Script evaluation should not return last function declaration  
JDK-8067005   core-libs       Several java/lang/invoke tests fail due to exhausted code cache 
JDK-8098807   core-libs       Strict eval throws ClassCastException with large scripts 
JDK-8062904   core-libs       TEST_BUG: Tests java/lang/invoke/LFCaching fail when run with -Xcomp o 
JDK-8055464   deploy          Add a URL scheme handler to reliably launch .jnlp files - java part 
JDK-8080955   deploy          embedded_jnlp param requires also code or jnlp_href param or applet ar 
JDK-8080123   deploy          StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in CertUtils.checkWildcardDomain 
JDK-8051030   deploy          Web Start applet process fails to exit 
JDK-8080607   deploy          Web Start does not honor height / width % values 
JDK-8087120   hotspot         [GCC5] java.lang.StackOverflowError on Zero JVM initialization on non  
JDK-8081823   hotspot         C2 performs unsigned comparison against -1 
JDK-8078866   hotspot         compiler/eliminateAutobox/6934604/TestIntBoxing.java assert(p_f->Opcod 
JDK-8085832   hotspot         Optimize main and post loop out when pre loop is found empty 
JDK-8081778   hotspot         Use Intel x64 CPU instructions for RSA acceleration 
JDK-8087208   infrastructure  Add devkit creation script for windows 
JDK-8081295   infrastructure  Build failed with GCC 5.1.1 
JDK-8098579   infrastructure  Remove non-existent javax.tools.annotation package from CORE_PKGS.gmk 
JDK-8087193   infrastructure  Support building with devkits on Macosx 
JDK-8081423   install         Improve naming consistency in make/installer/bundles/macosx/Makefile 
JDK-8075409   install         jre8-40 fails to install on SuSE 11.3 
JDK-8086029   other-libs      Fix doclint reference warnings in org.omg.CORBA 
JDK-8060103   security-libs   CheckBlacklistedCerts.java thinks its openjdk build 
JDK-8072692   security-libs   Improve performance of SecurityManager.checkPackageAccess 
JDK-6826789   security-libs   SecureClassLoader should not use CodeSource URLs as HashMap keys 
JDK-8064890   security-libs   SecureClassLoader should use a ConcurrentHashMap 
JDK-8080826   tools           Group 15: golden files for tests in tools/javac/generics/type* dirs 
JDK-8098850   tools           Remove remaining native2ascii resource files and man pages 
JDK-8074346   tools           type annotation on a qualified type causes spurious 'cannot find symbo 
JDK-8087283   xml             Add support for the XML Signature here() function to the JDK XPath imp 
JDK-8080907   xml             Develop test for Xerces Update: XML Schema Validation 

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