jdk9-b110: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Mon Mar 14 16:00:08 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-7126823   client-libs     JInternalFrame.getNormalBounds() returns bad value after iconify/deico 
JDK-8020039   client-libs     SynthTableHeaderUI refers to possibly null parameter in cell renderer 
JDK-8025001   client-libs     setFocusTraversalPolicy() to ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy result 
JDK-8038139   client-libs     AudioInputStream.getFrameLength() returns wrong value for floating-poi 
JDK-8044788   client-libs     [D3D] clip is ignored during surface->sw blit 
JDK-8058316   client-libs     lookupDefaultPrintService returns null on Solaris 11 when default prin 
JDK-8081722   client-libs     Provide public access to sun.awt.shell.ShellFolder methods which are r 
JDK-8131751   client-libs     [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/gtk/crash/RenderBadPictureCrash.java  
JDK-8138749   client-libs     Revisited: PrinterJob.printDialog() does not support multi-mon, always 
JDK-8139508   client-libs     Debug option does not work in appletviewer 
JDK-8146321   client-libs     [macosx] JInternalFrame frame icon in wrong position on Mac L&F if ico 
JDK-8147834   client-libs     [macosx] KeyEvents for function keys F17, F18, F19 return keyCode 0 
JDK-8147839   client-libs     Synthetically Bolded Fonts are Stretched Vertically under rotation. 
JDK-8147994   client-libs     [macosx] JScrollPane jitters up/down during trackpad scrolling on MacO 
JDK-8148886   client-libs     SEGV in sun.java2d.marlin.Renderer._endRendering 
JDK-8149338   client-libs     JVM Crash caused by Marlin renderer not handling NaN coordinates 
JDK-8149593   client-libs     Change <code>foo</code> to {@code foo} in TIFF plugin classes 
JDK-8150233   client-libs     Missing copyright headers in XSurfaceData/ExtendedKeyCodes 
JDK-8150258   client-libs     [TEST] HiDPI: create a test for multiresolution menu item icons 
JDK-8150643   client-libs     [TEST] add test for JDK-8150176 
JDK-8043329   core-libs       Wrong variable used in java.util.Collections javadoc code 
JDK-8138906   core-libs       [TEST_BUG] Test test/script/trusted/JDK-8087292.js intermittently fail 
JDK-8143610   core-libs       (dc) java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/AdaptDatagramSocket.java failed 
JDK-8149925   core-libs       We don't need jdk.internal.ref.Cleaner any more 
JDK-8151063   core-libs       Typo in java.lang.invoke.StringConcatFactory javadoc 
JDK-8151065   core-libs       Typo in javax.naming.CompoundName 
JDK-8151260   core-libs       Mark URLPermission/URLTest.java and ipv6tests/TcpTest.java as intermit 
JDK-8151291   core-libs       $EXEC yields "unknown command" on Cygwin 
JDK-8151299   core-libs       Http client SelectorManager overwriting read and write events 
JDK-8151352   core-libs       jdk/test/sample fails with "effective library path is outside the test 
JDK-8151384   core-libs       Improve String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER and remove sun.misc.ASCIICaseIns 
JDK-8151441   core-libs       Completion result in httpclient Exchange.java lost 
JDK-8151515   core-libs       $EXEC output is truncated 
JDK-8151518   core-libs       relax test requirements to reduce dependency on directory contents 
JDK-8151660   core-libs       Revert NativeBuffer.java to use jdk.internal.ref.Cleaner 
JDK-8151100   core-svc        Test java/lang/instrument/NativeMethodPrefixAgent.java can't attempt t 
JDK-8044212   deploy          NPE in CPCallbackHandler.isAuthenticated 
JDK-8148866   deploy          Copyright cleanup project (deploy part) 
JDK-8149497   deploy          cannot relaunch to alternate architecture 
JDK-7177745   hotspot         JSR292: Many Callsite relinkages cause target method to always run in  
JDK-8007986   hotspot         GrowableArray should implement binary search 
JDK-8058944   hotspot         Unify the reporting strings for the GC debug level logging in G1 
JDK-8066814   hotspot         Reduce accessibility in TraceEvent 
JDK-8067014   hotspot         LinearScan::is_sorted significantly slows down fastdebug builds' perfo 
JDK-8068038   hotspot         C2: large constant offsets aren't handled on SPARC 
JDK-8069160   hotspot         serviceability/dcmd/compiler/CompilerQueueTest.java fails due to class 
JDK-8076463   hotspot         Add logging for the preserve CM referents task 
JDK-8087341   hotspot         C2 doesn't optimize redundant memory operations with G1 
JDK-8130425   hotspot         libjvm crash due to stack overflow in executables with 32k tbss/tdata 
JDK-8134119   hotspot         Use new API to get cache line sizes 
JDK-8134992   hotspot         vm/gc/compact/Compact_InternedStrings_Strings failed due to a malloc() 
JDK-8139651   hotspot         ConcurrentG1Refine uses ints for many of its members that should be un 
JDK-8140600   hotspot         Convert unnecessarily malloc'd Monitors to value members 
JDK-8140777   hotspot         Make Adaptive IHOP logging information the same as JFR logging 
JDK-8141141   hotspot         Young and Old gen PLAB stats are similar in output with -XX:+PrintPLAB 
JDK-8141616   hotspot         Add new methods to the java Whitebox API 
JDK-8141618   hotspot         Change JVMCI compilerToVM constant pool tests to support CP cache 
JDK-8141619   hotspot         Develop new tests for JVMCI compilerToVM class' CP related methods 
JDK-8143226   hotspot         Minor updates to Event Based tracing 
JDK-8143228   hotspot         Update module exports for Java Flight Recorder 
JDK-8143235   hotspot         Remove libjfr mapfile 
JDK-8144732   hotspot         VM_HeapDumper hits assert with bad dump_len 
JDK-8145098   hotspot         JNI GetVersion should return JNI_VERSION_9 
JDK-8145333   hotspot         -XX:+EnableJVMCI -XX:+UseJVMCICompiler -XX:-EnableJVMCI makes JVM cras 
JDK-8146849   hotspot         Remove TraceJNIHandleAllocation rather than converting to UL 
JDK-8147121   hotspot         Evacuation failure allocation statistics added too late 
JDK-8147442   hotspot         Event-based tracing to allow for tracing Klass creation 
JDK-8147978   hotspot         Remove Method::_method_data for C1  
JDK-8148146   hotspot         Integrate new internal Unsafe entry points, and basic intrinsic suppor 
JDK-8148159   hotspot         [TESTBUG] TestCompilerDirectivesCompatibility tests fails on non-tiere 
JDK-8148786   hotspot         xml.transform fails on x86-64 
JDK-8148940   hotspot         java/lang/ref/FinalizeOverride.java can time out due to frequent safep 
JDK-8149036   hotspot         Add tracing for thread related events at os level 
JDK-8149064   hotspot         Convert TraceProtectionDomainVerification to Unified Logging. 
JDK-8149655   hotspot         PPC64: Implement CompactString intrinsics 
JDK-8149733   hotspot         AArch64: refactor array_equals/string_equals 
JDK-8149741   hotspot         Don't refer to stub entry points by index in external_word relocations 
JDK-8149743   hotspot         JVM crash after debugger hotswap with lambdas 
JDK-8149789   hotspot         SIGSEGV in CompileTask::print 
JDK-8149907   hotspot         aarch64: use load/store pair instructions in call_stub 
JDK-8149916   hotspot         Test case for 8149797 
JDK-8150002   hotspot         Check for the validity of oop before printing it in verify_remembered_ 
JDK-8150038   hotspot         aarch64: Make use of CBZ and CBNZ when comparing narrow pointer with z 
JDK-8150045   hotspot         AArch64: arraycopy causes segfaults in SATB during garbage collection 
JDK-8150068   hotspot         Log the main G1 phases at info level 
JDK-8150102   hotspot         C1 should fold arraylength for constant/trusted arrays 
JDK-8150103   hotspot         Convert TraceClassPaths to Unified Logging 
JDK-8150180   hotspot         String.value contents should be trusted 
JDK-8150186   hotspot         Folding mismatched accesses with @Stable is incorrect 
JDK-8150229   hotspot         aarch64: pipeline class for several instructions is not set correctly 
JDK-8150237   hotspot         Need a jtreg regression test for JDK-8149771 
JDK-8150318   hotspot         serviceability/dcmd/jvmti/LoadAgentDcmdTest.java -  Could not find JDK 
JDK-8150349   hotspot         Reduce the execution time of the hotspot_compiler_3 group 
JDK-8150390   hotspot         Move rs length sampling data to the sampling thread 
JDK-8150419   hotspot         Cleanup BufferNode API 
JDK-8150421   hotspot         Delete experimental G1UseConcMarkReferenceProcessing 
JDK-8150426   hotspot         Wrong cast in metadata_at_put 
JDK-8150436   hotspot         Incorrect invocation mode when linkToInteface linker is eliminated 
JDK-8150441   hotspot         CompileTask::print_impl() is broken after JDK-8146905 
JDK-8150490   hotspot         Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2016 
JDK-8150506   hotspot         Remove unused locks 
JDK-8150514   hotspot         C1 crashes in Canonicalizer::do_ArrayLength() after fix for JDK-815010 
JDK-8150534   hotspot         C1 compilation fails with "Constant field loads are folded during pars 
JDK-8150543   hotspot         Mismatched access detection is inaccurate 
JDK-8150561   hotspot         [AArch64] JVMCI improvements 
JDK-8150619   hotspot         Improve thread based logging introduced with 8149036  
JDK-8150629   hotspot         Initializing all ParScanThreadStates causes significant unaccounted "O 
JDK-8150630   hotspot         Add logging for ParScanThreadState merge phase 
JDK-8150720   hotspot         Cleanup code around PrintOptoStatistics 
JDK-8150727   hotspot         [JVMCI] add LoadLoad to the implicit memory barriers on AMD64 
JDK-8150738   hotspot         [JVMCI] runtime/CommandLine/TraceExceptionsTest.java fails with: java. 
JDK-8150746   hotspot         runtime/logging/ItablesTest.java fails with: java.lang.RuntimeExceptio 
JDK-8150822   hotspot         Fix typo in JDK-8150201 
JDK-8150933   hotspot         System::arraycopy intrinsic doesn't mark mismatched loads 
JDK-8150984   hotspot         Invalid VM argument causes crash -XX:G1ConcRefinementServiceIntervalMi 
JDK-8150986   hotspot         serviceability/sa/jmap-hprof/JMapHProfLargeHeapTest.java failing becau 
JDK-8151017   hotspot         [TESTBUG] test/compiler/c1/CanonicalizeArrayLength does not work on pr 
JDK-8151020   hotspot         [TESTBUG] UnsafeGetStableArrayElement::testL_* fail intermittently 
JDK-8151024   hotspot         Remove TCKJapaneseChronology.java from the problem list 
JDK-8151053   hotspot         com/sun/jdi/StepTest.java fails in 2016-03-01 JDK9-hs-rt nightly 
JDK-8151064   hotspot         com/sun/jdi/RedefineAddPrivateMethod.sh fails intermittently 
JDK-8151130   hotspot         [BACKOUT] Remove Method::_method_data for C1 
JDK-8151157   hotspot         Quarantine test/compiler/unsafe/UnsafeGetStableArrayElement.java 
JDK-8150723   infrastructure  HSDB toolbar icons are missing. 
JDK-8151435   infrastructure  Windows devkit missing 32bit msvcdis120.dll 
JDK-8151497   infrastructure  Set REQUIRED_OS_NAME and REQUIRED_OS_VERSION on AIX 
JDK-8151685   infrastructure  Fix the version of required jdk in configure help text 
JDK-8037248   install         [Installer.patch] Add checksum check to baseimage 
JDK-8146056   install         the fix for JDK-8145094 is incomplete to *.xml 
JDK-8148187   other-libs      Remove OS X-specific com.apple.concurrent package 
JDK-8132942   security-libs   ServerHandshaker should not throw SSLHandshakeException when Certifica 
JDK-8151313   security-libs   Remove ProblemList test closed/javax/crypto/CryptoPermission/CallerIde 
JDK-8151679   security-libs   Mark SignatureOffsets.java as intermittently failing. 
JDK-8080069   tools           JShell: Support for corralled classes 
JDK-8139474   tools           -release 7 -verbose causes Javac exception 
JDK-8148316   tools           jshell tool: Configurable output format 
JDK-8148317   tools           jshell tool: unify commands into /set 
JDK-8149139   tools           [javadoc] Modify Content to accept CharSequence 
JDK-8149524   tools           JShell: CompletenessAnalysis fails on class Case<E1 extends Enum<E1>,  
JDK-8150632   tools           jdk.jshell.TaskFactory should use jdk.Version to check for java.specif 
JDK-8151223   tools           String concatenation fails with implicit toString() on package-private 
JDK-8151516   tools           test/tools/javac/TestIndyStringConcat depends on runtime JDK details 
JDK-8151570   tools           jtreg tests leave tty in bad state 
JDK-8150704   xml             XALAN: ERROR:  'No more DTM IDs are available' when transforming with  

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