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Alexandre (Shura) Iline alexandre.iline at
Mon Feb 5 17:30:15 UTC 2018

Hi, Safar.

As you may know, <> ceased to exist and with that Jemmy is no longer hosted where it used to be. Instead, Jemmy v3 is now hosted on <>. This is here you should be building the jars from. There is no binary distribution of jars at the moment, but building is really easy - just call "ant jar".

As far as code availability there is still one JavaFX dependency missing: JemmySupport. It is next on my list - I would be able to open that soon.

I sugest to keep the rest of this conversation and other questions related to Jemmy on this alias: jemmy-dev at <mailto:jemmy-dev at>

JemmyFX is still used for executing tests for JavaFX. JemmyFX is hosted separately - together with JavaFX tests.

Thank you,


> On Feb 5, 2018, at 6:05 AM, SAFAR Mahmoud <Mahmoud.SAFAR at> wrote:
> Dear Shura,
> We are trying to test out JemmyFX’s capabilities in testing JavaFX applications. We wanted to check if the project is still being developed or has become discontinued. Additionally, are there any further documentations that might be helpful in installing and using JemmyFX the correct way?
> Best Regards,
> Mahmoud Safar

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