Automatic module names

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Fri Feb 3 14:43:41 UTC 2017

On 03/02/17 14:29, David M. Lloyd wrote:
> I think one option we should consider is to perhaps disable automatic
> modules for 9 and revisit the idea for 10, as it's late in the day and
> still clearly not settled.

I don't think this is thinking about the trade-off correctly.

Automatic modules may not work for some (or maybe many) of the more
complicated cases but those failures can be addressed over time by
adding a module.xml to update releases of jars.

Automatic modules definitely does work for straightforward cases to
provide an easy way of deploying jars you don't own/can't rewrite as

Much as I admit that there are going to be lots of cases where it will
fail I think those where it just works will still be a large subset. So,
automatic modules will definitely be a big help to a lot of users who
want to get started with Jigsaw.

And, well, maybe I need to say this -- yes, an easy start is a /big/

That's merely 2 cents, gratis. Your mileage may vary, particularly when
it fails for your app. But I don't the mere possibility of the latter as
a reason to poop on someone (everyone?) else's parade.


Andrew Dinn

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