Confusing error message for inner non-public service provider

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Fri Feb 10 01:23:30 UTC 2017

On 2/9/2017 4:21 PM, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> On 2/9/17 3:07 PM, Alex Buckley wrote:
>> All the JLS wants is for the class to be 'public'.
> Does that just apply locally to the declaration of the class itself, or
> does it also indirectly apply to any enclosing classes, in the case of a
> nested class?

Just the declaration of the class itself. The JLS does NOT want the 
specified class must be accessible from <some other class>, which would 
imply a chain of accessibility from <some other class> to the provider 
class. The JLS just wants the 'public' modifier on the class 
declaration, end of story.


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