JAR searched on the classpath instead of the module path in Build #156

Alexandru Jecan alexjecan88 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 13:29:13 UTC 2017

Hello Jigsaw team,


I have the following problem in Jigsaw build #156:


I moved the hibernate-core.jar to automatic modules by putting it on the module path. I also have a classpath that does not contain this JAR.

In my module-info.java I require it using “requires hibernate.core”.


I compile my application, create the modular JAR and then at runtime I get the error:

Caused by: org.hibernate.boot.jaxb.internal.stax.XmlInfrastructureException: Unable to locate schema [org/hibernate/jpa/orm_2_0.xsd] via classpath


Could you please tell me, why does it search for the JAR on the classpath since I moved the JAR to automatic modules ? 

I have run using the –classpath and the –module-path options at the same time.


After that I took an older Jigsaw build (#141 and also #142).

I performed exactly the same steps and it works perfectly. The error from above is not displayed any more.


I was wondering what has been changed in these 3 months between build #141 and build#156 so that now it tries to search for the JAR on the classpath instead of the module path.

Has the name changed? Or it is something else that I am missing?


Thank you!


Best regards


Alexandru Jecan

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