Java SE JSR 250 annotations module renamed to

Guillaume Smet guillaume at
Mon Feb 13 13:34:28 UTC 2017


(Posting this on the list at the request of Rory O'Donnell)

This morning I tried to upgrade our Hibernate Validator build and came
across this issue: .

As a lot of projects experimenting with the Early access builds of the JDK
9, we added --add-modules java.annotations.common to our build options.

This doesn't work anymore as the Java SE JSR 250 annotations (@Generated,
@PreDestroy, @PostConstruct, @Resource...) that were previously in a module
called java.annotations.common were moved to a module called as part of the aforementioned issue.

The fix is easy, I just have to change my --add-modules directive but I
started to wonder if there's some sort of misunderstanding here.

As far as I understand it, these annotations are supposed to be common
annotations available in the JDK (see JSR 250: Common Annotations for the
JavaTM Platform). Some are used by a lot of projects out there: nearly
every project based on generated code requires the @Generated annotation to
be present as most tools generating code use it.

I don't know why these annotations were hosted in the jaxws part of the
source code to begin with but I don't think we can limit them to this usage.

At the end, I'm wondering if these classes shouldn't be part of the default
set of classes exposed without requiring an --add-modules option.

Thanks for your feedback.


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