How to name modules, automatic and otherwise

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at
Fri Feb 17 00:15:20 UTC 2017

On 02/17/2017 12:19 AM, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> The simplest and most consistent option is reverse DNS everywhere.
> Everyone understand it and few will object!
> An alternative option would be that open source can use short names,
> but companies "must" use reverse DNS. But this is far from ideal given
> how projects move from private to public, or how companies merge.
> Another alternative is some form of group, that may or may not map
> onto maven's group, where most of the time it does not have to be
> specified:
> module mainlib from com.mycompany {
>   requires base;  // implicit, favours group 'com.mycompany' if there is a clash
>   requires willow;  // uses 'com.mycompany' because there is a clash
>   requires willow from org.joda;  // explicitly specified, but only
> needed to resolve a clash
> }

 From here, wouldn't it be trivial to change Mark's counter example:

     module {
         requires org.hibernate:hibernate.core;
         requires org.hibernate:hibernate.jcache;
         requires org.hibernate:hibernate.validator;

into a positive example:

     import org.hibernate:*;
     module {
         requires hibernate.core;
         requires hibernate.jcache;
         requires hibernate.validator;


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