Valid characters in a module name

Ess Kay s.2016.kay at
Mon Jan 9 00:55:34 UTC 2017

> If this sequence of characters appear in source at position where
identifier is expected:
> #"\\u0022\\\""
> then they are interpreted as an identifier with following characters:
> \u0022\"
Then what happens when a user wants to specify the valid 14 character class
name #"\\u0022\\\"" ?  Perhaps I am misunderstanding you?  Do you accept
that according to the JVM specification a module, package, class, field or
method name in a Java class file can legally start with the two characters
#" and end with a single double quote? For an escape character sequence to
work it is essential that it is not otherwise legal in a particular
string.  That is not the case with the #"..." sequence. I don't think there
is any character that is invalid across module, package, class, field and
method names.  So there is no one character or character sequence that can
act as as a escape sequence across all names.

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