Valid characters in a module name

Ess Kay s.2016.kay at
Wed Jan 11 08:28:47 UTC 2017

> but as it is written (starting with characters #" ) it
> can only be parsed as an exotic identifier
Peter, you have previously said "syntax of 'plain' identifier (as opposed
to 'exotic' identifier) doesn't allow it to start with character #". That
really confused me because in Java bytecode module, package, class, file or
method names definitely can indeed start with the characters #".  Indeed
the original proposal at does
rely on the fact that the #"..." syntax would not otherwise be allowable in
Java source code.

However, I can now see that your proposed syntax could work if the script
parser ALWAYS interpreted JUST the OUTER #"..." as a case of your special
syntax.  So, if you wanted to specify in a script the field name #"x" then
you would have to write it as #"#\"x\"".  Is that what you were meaning all
along?  That or something along the same lines could work perhaps without
too much disruption to existing parsing code.  I will need to explore it
further but thank you.

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