Review Request JDK-8160286: jmod hash is creating unlinkable modules.

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Jan 13 14:09:11 UTC 2017

On 13/01/2017 05:13, Mandy Chung wrote:

> Updated webrev:
> I did a further clean up and ModuleHashesBuilder now has one constructor.
> Also updated the comment to avoid using the term “base”.  Due to the
> refactoring, I moved the location of the tmp jmod file to be in the
> tmp directory rather than the same directory of the jmod file;
> otherwise, it would confuse the ModuleFinder with the tmp file.
The updated patches look good and ModuleHashesBuilder is much simpler 
with one constructor.

For computeHashes then it says "... in a subgraph and that has .." which 
might need a few tweaks to make more readable.

A typo in JmodTask.Hasher L829, should be "the". Also I assume the field 
Hasher.moduleName should be a String as Andrej noted.


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