MethodHandle performance

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Fri Jan 13 19:37:41 UTC 2017

The problem is more that if you have played a little with the API, you know that invokeWithArguments is slow because it may do a lot of work with no way to cache the intermediary representation into the user code (and even if you add a cache, it will not handle all the cases, if the arrays do not have the same size or if the signature of the mh is not generic, etc). 

I think we (the JSR 292 EG) have failed here, we should not have introduced a method which is perhaps too convenient but hard to optimize.

Why not adding a line in the javadoc of invokeWitharguments, saying something like this:
Don't expect invokeWithArguments to be fast! Use invokeExact or invoke if you need performance.


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> On Jan 12, 2017, at 12:29 PM, Claes Redestad <claes.redestad at> wrote:
>> Right, I was just looking at the micro Stephen provided me, and it does
>> seem that the added cost for this case is due to invokeWithArguments
>> creating a new invoker every time.
> This is a good workaround, and Stephen's report is a helpful reminder
> that our performance story has a sharp edge.
> We cache spreaders in the case of varargs methods,
> for full performance, but not for the ad hoc spreader used by MH.iWA.
> We should cache them, to remove this sharp edge (or performance pothole).
> There are small technical challenges to do so.  Claes and I added
> some notes to the bug report; maybe someone can look into it more.
> — John

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