Compact profile modules

Uwe Schindler uschindler at
Tue Jan 17 20:25:43 UTC 2017

Hi Alan,

> > Are only the modules removed, and the javac options are still available?
> We are compiling Apache Lucene Core using the compact1 profile currently:
> >
> >    <property name="javac.profile.args" value="-profile compact1"/>
> >
> > So we append "-profile compact1" when invoking javac. We have not
> noticed any problems when doing this with (non-jigsaw) EA build 152.
> >
> > How are the "-profile compact1" parameters being resolved now?
> >
> >
> `javac -profile compactX` can't be used with --release 9 or
> -source/-target 9. It continues to work as before with -target 8, that
> might be why you didn't notice anything.

We are compiling of course with Java 8 compatibility (Lucene is on Java 8). My question was more, how it works now. If the aggregator module is gone, how does javac figure out the profiles?

Maybe it is because we use --release 8, if it detects a Java 9 compiler (some handmade Ant logic does this for us) instead of -source/-target ( In that case it uses the old version in ct.sym file for compiling, right? But how does it work with -source/-target?


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