Reusing module name token `*` in -d

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at
Sun Jan 22 16:21:36 UTC 2017

Is that the documentation that JLS mentions?
I was expecting s.t. that search engines can find.
The javac help message doesn't even speak of @SuppressWarnings,
so are we sure this is the same list?

More specifically: the warning of unresolved "to", is that covered
by "module" or "exports", or both?


On 01/22/2017 03:50 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
> $javac -X
>  -Xlint:<key>(,<key>)*
>         Warnings to enable or disable, separated by comma.
>         Precede a key by - to disable the specified warning.
>         Supported keys are:
>           all                  Enable all warnings
>           auxiliaryclass       Warn about an auxiliary class that is hidden in a source file, and is used from other files.
>           cast                 Warn about use of unnecessary casts.
>           classfile            Warn about issues related to classfile contents.
>           deprecation          Warn about use of deprecated items.
>           dep-ann              Warn about items marked as deprecated in JavaDoc but not using the @Deprecated annotation.
>           divzero              Warn about division by constant integer 0.
>           empty                Warn about empty statement after if.
>           exports              Warn about issues regarding module exports.
>           fallthrough          Warn about falling through from one case of a switch statement to the next.
>           finally              Warn about finally clauses that do not terminate normally.
>           module               Warn about module system related issues.
>           options              Warn about issues relating to use of command line options.
>           overloads            Warn about issues regarding method overloads.
>           overrides            Warn about issues regarding method overrides.
>           path                 Warn about invalid path elements on the command line.
>           processing           Warn about issues regarding annotation processing.
>           rawtypes             Warn about use of raw types.
>           removal              Warn about use of API that has been marked for removal.
>           serial               Warn about Serializable classes that do not provide a serial version ID.
>                              Also warn about access to non-public members from a serializable element.
>           static               Warn about accessing a static member using an instance.
>           try                  Warn about issues relating to use of try blocks (i.e. try-with-resources).
>           unchecked            Warn about unchecked operations.
>           varargs              Warn about potentially unsafe vararg methods
>           none                 Disable all warnings
> Rémi
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>> On 01/22/2017 02:50 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
>>> interesting !
>>> It's now a warning that you can exclude with @SuppressWarnings("module"):
>>>   src/main/java/foo/ warning: [module] module not found: baz
>>>   exports foo to baz;
>>>                  ^
>> JLS @SuppressWarnings:
>> "Compiler vendors should document the warning names they support in conjunction
>>  with this annotation type. Vendors are encouraged to cooperate to ensure that
>>  the same names work across multiple compilers."
>> looking forward to seeing this happen,
>> Stephan
>>> Rémi
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>>>> On Sat, 21 Jan 2017 19:35:28 +0100, Stephan Herrmann
>>>> <stephan.herrmann at> wrote:
>>>>> On 01/21/2017 06:52 PM, forax at wrote:
>>>>>> Robert,
>>>>>> How do you compile these 2 modules with Maven ?
>>>>>> module foo {
>>>>>>   exports foo to bar;
>>>>>> }
>>>>>> module bar {
>>>>>>   requires foo;
>>>>>> }
>>>>>> when compiling 'foo' javac needs to see if 'bar' exists and when
>>>>>> compiling 'bar', javac will ask to see 'foo'.
>>>>> I don't think so:
>>>>> "It is permitted for the to clause of an exports or opens statement to
>>>>> specify a module which is not observable."
>>>>> [lang-vm.html 1.1.2 - 2017/1/9]
>>>>> I assume this will eventually (when??) become part of JLS, right?
>>>>> cheers,
>>>>> Stephan
>>>> Confirmed. I've added an integration-test to the maven-compiler-plugin,
>>>> works as expected. No need for cross reference dependencies.
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Robert

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