A little mistakes in Java Language Specifications 13

Duy Trần duytran92.cse at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 07:17:11 UTC 2020

Dear Sir or Madame,

When I read the Java Language Specification 13 (JLSE), I found a little
mistake (I think so) and it can cause some confusions to readers.

In page 24, I found that "*Comment do not nest*"
[image: image.png]
Although this sentence is not false, it can cause some confusions to
readers with the question "*What type of comment which do not nest?
Traditional Comments or End-Of-Line Comments?*". For this mistake, I
suggest some modification like that:
1. Traditional comment can apply to multi-lines
2. Nested comment in Java is allowed, except nested comment of multi-lines
*** End-of-line comment inside another End-of-Line comment is acceptable
*** End-of-line comment inside an multi-line comment is also acceptable
(even though it does not make sense)
**** But, /*....*/ inside another /*...*/ is forbidden*

Or, you can consult the modification like that
[image: image.png]

If you have any question, please let me know

Thank you and best regards


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