New issue: run time eager module loading

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Wed Mar 23 23:31:06 UTC 2016

2016/3/11 13:55:56 -0800, david.lloyd at
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>>> Can there not instead be an incremental resolution algorithm, akin to
>>> how classes are lazily loaded?
>> Configuring a set of modules and instantiating that configuration as a
>> layer requires no more than reading the modules' descriptors.  Nothing
>> else from any module definition will be read until it's actually needed.
> But it does require that all the module descriptors from a given layer 
> be available, and that the load time for the first load of a module in a 
> layer will always be bounded by the size of the layer, rather than just 
> by the dependency subgraph of the module being loaded.  Based on 
> application server deployments that I know about, I think the far upper 
> bound for a realistic number of modules in a layer will probably lie in 
> the thousands to ten thousands range (though there is always the outlier 
> case where someone has to push it to see how far it goes...), which 
> might translate into a substantial startup overhead.

New issue:

- Mark

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