Proposal: #ClassFileAccModule

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Wed Nov 23 20:00:59 UTC 2016

fair enough,
i agree.


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> Objet: Proposal: #ClassFileAccModule

> Issue summary
> -------------
>  #ClassFileAccModule --- The `ACC_MODULE` constant is currently
>  specified to have the value 0x8000.  This is the last available bit
>  remaining across all of the various `access_flags` fields of a class
>  file, and thus should be reserved for some unspecified future purpose
>  where it may be useful to use the same value in all such fields.
>  Alternative candidates for `ACC_MODULE` include 0x0040 (overlaps with
>  `ACC_VOLATILE` and `ACC_BRIDGE`) and 0x0080 (`ACC_TRANSIENT` and
>  `ACC_VARARGS`). [1]
> Proposal
> --------
> Do not change the value of this constant.
> The high-order bits of the `access_flags` field have long been used to
> characterize the unusual, non-class nature of some class files:
>  - `ACC_ANNOTATION` (0x2000) indicates an annotation type, even though
>    `ACC_ANNOTATION` does not apply to fields or methods, and
>  - `ACC_ENUM` (0x4000) indicates an `enum` type, even though `ACC_ENUM`
>    does not apply to methods.
> A binary module descriptor is a new kind of unusual class file, hence we
> have done the obvious thing and allocated the high-order bit 0x8000 for
> We could try to be more clever here, but that would require attempting
> to predict the future.  There are still plenty of other ways to encode
> potential future features; a value class could, e.g., be indicated by
> 0x0100.  In the worst case the `access_flags` field could simply be made
> wider in some future version of the class-file specification.
> [1]

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