Proposal: #AutomaticModuleNames

Remi Forax forax at
Thu Apr 6 08:09:19 UTC 2017

Here is the code (for my build tool, not Maven):

It does static analysis to find the requires and export, open the META-INF/services to add provides and looks for ServiceLoader.load to add uses (doing a flow analysis of the class constants).
You still need to add few additional requires because of Class.forName, but most of the grunt works is done automatically.


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>> I think rather what we'll end up with in the end is that non-trivial
>> application builders who want to use Jigsaw will rely almost exclusively on
>> build tooling to generate or regenerate "real" descriptors "safely" for
>> their application distributions,
> I totally agree. The next big popular maven plugin will be the
> maven-fix-automodule-hell-plugin due to user demand that without any other
> hooks in place will have to resort to modifying 3rd party dependencies to
> unwind otherwise messed up default names. It blows my mind that we keep
> coming back to the filename as the best default despite all the
> alternatives that have been proposed.

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