Concerns mapping existing dynamic module systems to a 1-1 Module->Layer

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu Mar 9 19:06:13 UTC 2017

2017/3/8 14:17:03 -0800, david.lloyd at
> ...
> This additional complexity that these extra methods is supposed to 
> introduce has never been quantified.  The only concrete measure we have 
> right now is the dozen-odd lines of code that the proposed patch would 
> add.  If we can't concretely quantify this complexity, and it is the 
> justification for denying this request, then we cannot reach consensus 
> because there's no way to have a rational discussion about it.

You are asking for the impossible.  I could quantify this complexity
today, but that would tell us very little about the future.  I cannot
peer into the future, inspect all plausible evolutionary timelines of
the Java SE Platform, and come back to you with any kind of measurement
of the potential long-term impact of these additional methods.

What I can do is apply my judgement and experience, together with that
of engineers who have vastly more experience than I -- or you -- in the
implementation of high-performance, production-quality JVMs.

You are free to disagree with the conclusion that I have reached by this
method, but that does not mean that rational discussion is not possible.

- Mark

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